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Kentish Town Engagement Strategy: 27 June – 3 July 2012

This summer Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum ran a 6 day street engagement strategy in Kentish Town. Our two main objectives were firstly to ask people, who live or work in Kentish Town, what they want to see and happen in their area – the results of this consultation will help us with the formation of our Neighbourhood Plan. Secondly we wanted to publicize the 3 day Planning Event that was going to happen immediately afterwards. Previously a group of us had made everything we would need, like banners and a giant A frame board onto which people could fix post-it notes with their wishes for Kentish Town. We had balloons, wish cards and business cards printed with details of the Planning Event and KTNF. The 6 day street engagement was most amazing. 22 members of KTNF took part over the 6 days, some of them helping on most of the days. We all enjoyed it because we got to talk to hundreds of people who live or work in Kentish Town, and to hear their views about Kentish Town.

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