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Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum AGM January 23 2020, The Sun Room, Kentish Town Health Centre, NW5


Written apologies received from Lindsay Purchall, Isky Gordon and Don Hibbs

Approval of minutes

Minutes were approved

Pizza Express building – Update from the developer


Kentish Town PIzza Express building

Proposed design for the cinema and 12 flats from Vabel

Half the AGM was devoted to a presentation by Vabel, creative director, Jeremy Spencer, and development director Thomas Piggott, who are developing the iconic Kentish Town site of the old Pizza Express building into a cinema and 12 flats.

Vabel purchased the site in December 2018, the previous developer ceasing work and the site standing empty. Received planning permission in the Autumn.

Key objective is to enhance and regenerate the existing non designated heritage building through the retention and restoration of the original façade and the creation of 12 residential apartments above a new single screen cinema at ground floor.

Cinema and bar area set to serve as community meeting place and active hub

The chamfered corner to the existing building will be enhanced and celebrated, serving as the main entrance to the new cinema, whilst the addition of two new residential floors will give this prominent site its deserved status.

Aiming for well resolved detailing and high-quality materials – previously worked on similar schemes across London.

Structural work needed to create a screening room that can hold the weight of the homes above and the designs of the flats needed to be changed to improve acoustics and soundproofing.

Difficult space for a cinema.

Vabel have completed enabling works, installation of below ground drainage and cast the ground floor concrete slab. The demolition of the first-floor mezzanine slab is completed and the first phase of the steel frame commencement.

The existing roof will be demolished in the next phase of works, prior to the new floors being constructed above the original facade.

Questions ranged from material specifications and colours, which Vabel said were somewhat determined by the Council.

And the name of the cinema operator. The Vabel team said they have strong links with a cinema operator and although they could not say who it was – it will not be a boutique operator and a company from outside London.

The draft Kentish Town Framework (HH)

Consultation on the draft is set to finish next week. Initial Consultation responses – sympathetic to plan. KTNF comments on first draft largely adopted. Summary – foster knowledge and creative areas; training on site; people object to high buildings – 10 storeys maximum (6, 8 or 10 range of buildings); Camden currently concentrating on transport infrastructure and deliverability; important to have decent links in and out of the site; Camden has CPO powers and can use them.

KTNF and Murphy’s Yard (HH)

KTNF reps invited by Murphy to go around the site. Noticeable – significant change of levels. Retention old railway buildings – 2 original sheds. Sheds to be revived – set for food and beverage activity. Not seen as a conflict with existing retail outlets.

Workshops showed a basic model from Studio Egret West with all surrounding buildings – residential blocks around the edge. 40,000sq m near Kentish Town with 750 houses around the edge. 40,000 sq. m of office space in centre. Proposed medical facility in middle along with sheds in the middle for foods and beverages. Cycle route around the side. Heights: tallest is 16 storeys down to 14 and 12, lowest is five storeys. The design has not been to design review yet. Agreed compromise between housing and industrial use. Does the definition ‘industrial’ cover crafts businesses? Is office use – small uses?

The viewing cone is protected. Murphy’s says drawing in plan is not what we are really seeing – the angles are wrong. Working with spatial specialists to pinpoint what the actual view is. Murphy proposes different angle of pivot (pinnacle of the cone). Camden planning meeting proposed.

Murphy’s want planning application in by the end of the year but probably in a year’s time.

One hundred and eight people went to July workshops: top issues of concern – height of buildings and traffic. Key wants: green space, new access routes, sustainability and housing.
750 homes planned; 40,000sq m of industrial use and 40,000sq m office use;
workspace planned for south with residential at north; heights ranging from 5 -18 storeys; aiming at 35% affordable housing; restriction on delivery vehicles; potential battle ahead with GLA on industrial use v residential – GLA London Plan favouring employment and light industrial use and local plans favouring housing; planning low energy consumption with district heating;

Constraints discussed include; 9m change of level; listed sheds; viewing corridors from Kentish Town to the Heath; ecological reserve; sewer and gas pipes and rail tunnel.

Recent November workshop covered: Placemaking Principles, The Evolving Layout and Massing Evolution, the Heathline – cycle and pedestrian route through the site, Open Spaces and Placemaking, Industrial Land Use, Community and Leisure needs.

Plans are afoot for a food market and maker spaces. Green areas include: Pergola Garden, Heathcliff, Murphy’s Meadow and Gospel Oak Gate.

Discussion on link to Kentish Town Square; involves Car Wash site; huge upfront cost to developer prior to Car Wash site going forward – but going forward to planning.

Future of the High Street and environmental issues (IG)

Application for national High Street Fund; KTNF linked with KTRA to work with Camden Council on applying for a National High Street Fund – which allocates substantial funds to upgrade High Streets. Sought approval from other Kentish Town groups and residents’ associations. Concepts include viability, inclusion, and movement. Goals to drive footfall and creating new enterprises that increase community wealth, employment, and new market demand for commercial space. Specifics include funding improved pedestrian and cycle permeability; improving identity; smart infrastructure improvements; engagement of stakeholders, enabling modal shift and improving air quality. Application submitted. Did not go to second stage.

KTNF working with other Kentish Town community groups on initiatives such as Library of Things, Pop-Up shops, noticeboards, and street fun.

KTNF continues to manage the plants and watering on Platform 1 Kentish Town Station and overseeing and liaising with the Council on any issues with the planters in KT High Street.

KTNF providing comment on planning applications in relation to energy use and air pollution.

KTNF and recent planning applications (PS)

Raglan House – sold off, planning application in for six town houses. Expectation that consent will be given.

Regis Road Estate – Planning application in for the JML Building. Change of use class from B1 Offices to B8. No objection.

Fish shop near Bull & Gate – take away to restaurant – no objection

Election of Committee 2020 (IG)

Derek Jarman is standing down. The committee thanked Derek for his service

Fabrizio Lepore moving out of the KT area and leaves the committee – but remains as advisor. The committee thanked Fabrizio.

Members of the committee standing again – Roger Winfield, Henry Herzberg, Paul Seviour, Ian Grant, Celia Goreham, Chris Hudson, Judith Leeb, Elizabeth Woodeson, Liz Sheridan, Robert Livock, Joanna Chow

Proposed – John Nicholson, seconded Kate Herzberg.

Questions and answers (All)

Carpetright demolition – some external work going on. Major demolition and construction project

Concerns about UPS route going through the High Street

Concerns about the number of new dwellings in Regis Road / Murphy. Explanation that the area has a particularly good transport connectivity rating with the capacity.

Further questions about infrastructure and the amount of people that will come into the area. Comment that there will be a post hospital care and health centre in the Murphy development

Question about what can be done about the things left on the pavement in front of charity shops. KTNF to write to councillors.

Any other business


1st Committee meeting of 2020 – 6 February

8th Annual Meeting of Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum

Thursday 24th January 2019, 7.15 to 8.45pm

Kentish Town Library, 262-266 Kentish Town Road NW5 2AA


1 Apologies for absence

Paul Braithwaite, Celia Goreham, Jenny Headlam Wells (councillor), Lorraine Revah (councillor), Isky Gordon

2 Welcome and brief introduction by Chair (Roger Winfield)

3 Approval of minutes of 2018 AGM

Minutes were approved

4 Treasurer’s report (Paul Seviour)

Income brought forward from 26 January 2018 £831.49 (+ £1.21 interest)

Expenses – meeting room hire £307.60; Website £174; Sundries £30; Total £511.60

Total income available to January 2020 £321.10

Budgeted future running costs to January 2020 – Website £87; AGM £307; Sundries £100 – Total £494.00

5 Election of committee (Ian Grant)

Virginia Beardshaw and David Jockelson stood down from the committee and were thanked, in particular, David Jockelson for his length of service.

Celia Goreham, Chris Hudson, Derek Jarman, Fabrizio Lepore, Henry Herzberg (deputy chair), Ian Grant (secretary), Joanna Chow, Liz Sheridan, Paul Seviour (treasurer), Roger Winfield (chair), Robert Livock – current members of the committee stood again – proposed by John Nicholson and seconded by Mary Cane and were voted in.

Judith Leeb and Liz Woodeson expressed an interest in joining the committee – proposed by John Nicholson and seconded by Mary Cane and were voted in.

6 Cinema in Kentish Town. (Update)

Roger reported that there is planning permission to construct 12 new apartments and a cinema on the site of the old Pizza Express building. Work started and stalled and then the building was sold. The developer is set to start work on the Pizza Express building in the first half of 2019. The cinema operator is still on board.

7 Overview of year’s activities (Roger Winfield)

Interview with Dan Carrier in Camden New Journal on the Kentish Town Development Area.

Work with other groups including Kentish Town Road Action members of ACVs for pubs; Transition Kentish Town on planters.

KTNF has worked on submissions to planning applications including the Car Wash site; Carpetright, the Pizza Express building, Ingestre Road planned development; it has worked with the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum on the proposed development of the Murphy site and met with representatives from Camden Council on a range of issues.

8 KTNF and the Regis Road draft Planning Framework (Henry Herzberg)

Henry reported that the plan is under development and the site has huge potential including up to 1300 homes (50% affordable) and increased employment outlets.

Policy SP2 in the KTNF Plan identified both sites as underdeveloped and cut off from surrounding area

KTNF and Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum representatives have been part of a working group throughout the year with Camden planning officers drafting the planning framework for the area. The Draft Planning Framework was produced in October 2018, which describes development principles. Final draft expected in Autumn 2019.

Plan includes connecting routes for pedestrians and cyclists through the new site including Kentish Town to Hampstead Heath and permeability is a key concept. The site contains plenty of greenery and trees. Issues including placing taller buildings nearer the railway tracks. There is potential for a bridge or bridges to link areas of the site with the wider Kentish Town and surrounding areas.

On the Regis Road site, there are currently land ownership issues with a substantial number of property freeholds in different hands – and there are discussions on potentially consolidating these with Camden Council. There are ongoing talks with local MP Keir Starmer and the GLA and a possibility of special funding.

On the car Wash site – a planning application has been submitted and an exhibition was put on. This is a challenging site near railway and bus stop and KTNF has had several meetings with developer.

9 KTNF and the future of the high street and environmental issues (Ian Grant)

KTNF led the working group with three other local organisations proposing planters in Kentish Town Road. After working on a public consultation and submitting plans over 18 months, Camden Council agreed to 21 planters (15 larger and six bike planters) along with a regular maintenance contract.

KTNF is involved with Kentish Town Road Action and Transition Kentish Town in the Future of the High Street meetings. There are seven topic areas such as Vision for Kentish Town Road in 5 and 20 years; Transport and Parking; Business; Youth opportunities; Skill-sharing hub; and Street landscape.

It is also working on applying for the government’s Future High Streets Fund.

KTNF also submitted responses to Camden’s Draft Transport Strategy and the Air Quality Action Plan.

In responses to planning applications in the area KTNF comment on air quality issues arising from any proposed development along with energy efficiency and renewables opportunities.

10 KTNF and an update on current Planning applications (Paul Seviour)

Spring Place: Paul reported that Addison Lee has vacated the building and minor changes to the internal designs and one external facade were being re-submitted to satisfy TFL. Ex-Carpetright shop and William Hill Betting Shop – planning permission was granted for the basement and ground floor to be retail units, the first floor – offices and the second and third floors – residential. Ground surveys revealed that deep piling would go very near to the TFL exclusion zone – but that after examination the piling could proceed.

11 KTNF and the planning application for assisted living housing for over 55-year olds on the Ingestre estate (Liz Sheridan).

Liz reported that the KTNF has responded to the planning application for the Ingestre Road care home and assisted living quarters. Issues the KTNF picked up on were the box-like, monolithic shape of the building, and the fact the development should be more integrated into the estate.

12 The protection of Pubs as Assets of Community Value (Chris Hudson)

Chris reported that a working group had been formed between members of KTNF and KTRA and that applications for 16 public houses to go on the Asset of Community Value register have been sent to Camden Council and that Camden is coming back with discussions on the applications.

13 Questions & Answers

Q: Has the KTNF looked into the problems with the footbridge from Burghley Road to the Ingestre Estate including cycle track and lack of maintenance. One KTNF member has complained to Network Rail.

A: KTNF will consider the issue.

Q Can the KTNF do anything about the amount of rubbish in the High Street including charity shop items dumped on the pavement?

A: This issue is not in the KTNF’s remit. One KTNF member said that if the particular charities are contacted, for example Age Concern, then they could take it up.

Q: What are the limits on the height of the new building on the car wash site?

A: It needs to match the height of the Assembly House across the road.

Comment: Shame the plans for the new site weren’t more widely disseminated and available in more places.

Comment: Do we need more cafés and restaurants given the numbers 300 yards down Kentish Town Road? The developer can also apply for retail use.

Q: Can Kentish Town accommodate new commuters and residents with existing transport nodes?

A: TFL assesses the potential footfall when granting or commenting on planning permission and the area has a high PTAL. – a measure which rates locations by distance from frequent public transport services.

Comment: Manageress from the Kentish Town Community Centre offered the centre for the next KTNF AGM.

Comment: With the walkways and cycle-paths in the new Regis Road/Murphy development there will be a danger of drug dealing and easy escape routes.

A: The development will be well-lit (with low energy lighting). Anti-crime measures will be designed in. Both will be in the detailed design.

Comment: With so much housing planned for the Regis Road/Murphy sites there will be a danger of overlooking so the highways and paths need to be wide to avoid this.

Comment: In relation to retail, outlets will be limited on purpose to avoid competition with the High Street. There will be plenty of green areas.

Q: Is the KTNF represented on the National Rail Central Rail Users’ Consultative Committee?

A: The KTNF is not a member but will make enquiries.

Q: On the planters in the High Street – how are they going to be maintained?

A: We were clear in the meetings that regular maintenance had to be written into the contract. We have ad assurances from the Council and a councillor that this will be the case.

A thanks to the committee and their work throughout the year was proposed from the floor.

14 Any other business


15 1st Committee meeting of 2019 – 7 February

KTNF AGM Minutes 2018

Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum – Annual General Meeting
Thursday 25 January 2018 7.15-8.45pm
Kentish Town Library, 262-266 Kentish Town Road NW5 2 AA

1 Apologies for Absence: 
Jon March, Jim Beggs, Paul Braithwaite, Monica Staff, Derek Jarman, George Appleby, Don Hibbs, Celia Goreham, Liz Sheridan

2 Welcome and Introduction from chair: 
The chair, Roger Winfield welcomed everyone to the 7th Annual General Meeting of the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum. He set the scene saying the work of the committee is anchored by the Neighbourhood Plan and tasks are approached by reference to the plan.

3 Chair’s report:
Core activities for the year include: receiving notice of planning applications as statutory consultee; monitoring significant planning applications; checking that planning applications don’t conflict with the NP; making representations on planning applications; meeting with developers and Council officers; monitoring planning meetings; monitoring changes to local, London and national plans. Reports on significant matters – Regis Road, the Car Wash site, Spring Place, step-free access to station, Carpetright, Pizza Express and Ingestre Road and general environmental matters will come later from committee members.

There have been co-operative initiatives with other local groups, for example putting KTRA in touch with other NFs in relation to air quality and a forthcoming conference.

Speakers at KTNF committee meetings include: Open Data Camden, Conservation Area Committees, and Govia Thameslink.

Committee members have attended a series of meetings and speaking at some conferences on Neighbourhood Planning in London.

KTNF has dealt with several approaches for information or help from post-graduate students.

Besides the significant matters outlined above, KTNF has looked at several other planning issues most notably Jewson’s Yard and Auntie Annie’s pub.

The chair concluded that KTNF is pleased to receive suggestions for other work that fits in the NP, for example, empty shops.

4 Deputy chair’s report: Regis Road Murphy’s and the Car Wash site:
Deputy chair, Henry Herzberg showed the existing plan of the sites with good transport connections to West End and City by train, underground and bus – and near enough also to cycle, but with hidden and tucked away sites, disconnected from adjoining sites, underused by low level buildings.

KTNF produced a written proposal in the NDP for a comprehensive redevelopment on both sites to achieve a large new mixed development, comprising industrial, workplace and residential use and subsequently Camden Council decided to declare the sites as potential growth areas for which they are now producing a Planning Framework.

There are ten main objectives for the site – illustrated by a set of drawings by architects AHMM.

They include: pedestrian permeability across the site linking it to all adjoining sites; a development which will provide for no less amount of industrial use than exists today; additional provision of much needed new housing, of which 50% to be affordable.  This plan as shown achieves 1,300 new dwellings; a development with significant new public open spaces and a variety of well landscaped green spaces; a bridge link across the railway to connect the two sites and provide a new route for pedestrians and cyclists to reach Hampstead Heath.

Other objectives include the formation of a new Kentish Town Square, by extending the width of the existing road bridge.  This allows for a new street level station for the overground railway with direct access for disabled to the platforms. This work is to be paid for from CIL money gained from the new development; the provision of small offices for starter businesses, health facilities, and other local community led uses; the massing of the buildings to be low to the South (three storeys) higher in the centre (six storeys) and higher still near the railway (twelve storeys); the entire scheme to be car free except for registered disabled drivers, essential service vehicles and emergency vehicles.  No through route to be permitted; the development of the Murphy site to respect the requirements set out in the NDP for a viewing corridor looking from KT square to Hampstead Heath.

The Car Wash site is currently the subject of a potential redevelopment, which would comprise a restaurant at ground level and five storeys of housing above, making a total of 16 residential units of which some to be affordable. Camden have expressed concern that while the Framework Plan is being developed, they may wish to delay any planning consent for this site.  KTNF have said that as the existing site is so important and such an eyesore any application should be considered and granted provided that: there is active street frontage at ground level – a restaurant that opens out on to the new KT square would be particularly welcome; that housing at upper levels is provided, of which an appropriate amount is affordable; that the scale, massing and design are of high quality; that the width of pavement along the edge of the site fronting the Highgate Road is of sufficient width to cope with the demands of pedestrians passing and queueing for The Forum and for the bus stop are sufficient; and that sufficient width is allowed for a future pedestrian link to be formed from the Highgate Road into the Murphy site.

Camden Council is commencing a public engagement exercise regarding the Regis Road and Murphy sites starting on 26th February and going on until 25thMarch.  This will include a couple of drop-in sessions probably to be held in the Library during the first two weeks in March.  Other meetings will be arranged for more focused discussions with KTNF and the Dartmouth Park Forum, and with other stakeholders and particular interested parties.  KTNF has asked for a separate meeting with the GLA.

5 Secretary’s report:
KTNF secretary, Ian Grant said that KTNF used the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for the first time to build six planters on the Overground platform of Kentish Town station.

CIL is a levy on developments over a certain size, some of which goes into a community pot. KTNF led on the project and worked with Transition Kentish Town, Camden Council, Govia Thameslink and Network Rail. Around fifty people turned up for the planting/opening, and subsequently a watering rota has successfully been set up between station staff and Kentish Towners. Govia Thameslink gave us access to several community noticeboards on the station, seen by hundreds of thousands of commuters each year.

Since the installation, the idea has been adopted by a West Hampstead Overground station group, who we are advising, and some estates and schools in the area have made requests to the KTNF/TKT team which worked on the station.

KTNF also invited Govia Thameslink and Network Rail to a presentation of our plans for Kentish Town Square and step free access.

KTNF has set up a meeting with Camden planners in February to see which other projects can be taken forward with CIL money – including planters along Kentish Town Road and the Green Gateways (spaces in four roads leading into Kentish Town Road, as outlined in the plan).

In general, when commenting on planning applications or meeting developers as a statutory consultee, KTNF is looking at features which reduce air pollution such as which boiler type is specified. We linked up with KTRA for a public meeting set for March on air pollution. We also look closely at what energy efficiency measures are planned for new developments, along with the renewable energy targets.

6 Treasurer’s report:
The income brought forward from 26/1/2017 – 25/01/2018 was £1197.89
Additional revenue included a CIL grant (see above); a donation and interest – £1701.75
Total – £2899.64
Expenses included AGM meeting room hire; public liability insurance; website costs; sundries and CIL – £2068.15
Total income available from AGM January 2018 – £831.49
Budgeted future running costs to AGM January 2019 – website, AGM, stationery, contingency – £510.

7 Planning reports:
Spring Place – the applicant has finally signed the Section 106 agreement and the Decision Notice has been issued (Dec 2017). They are now moving forward to delivery. There will be some discharge of conditions and possibly minor amendments to the planning application, and the planning consultant said that they would consult with us on this.

Annie’s Pub 180 Kentish Town Road London NW5 2AE – despite opposition, Camden Council has granted consent to this application from A4 pub to: – A1 shop; or A2 financial services or D2 gym.

Proposed development of the Ingestre Road Care Home site – Strategy is a new public route through centre of the site aimed at increasing integration and legibility. More data is needed on scale and massing, although bulk is reduced by stepping. Concerned about size of new developments against existing two storey buildings and we suggest a reduction in floor space; some concerns on visual impact, although this is not a significant factor from some angles of view; more light wells for lower ground floor to reduce need for electrical and mechanical services; developer’s aspirations for social housing depends on how much affordable is in the final mix; concerns about the business model and potential reversion to normal flats; also how much the existing residents can use the new facilities.

Carpetright 152-156 Kentish Town Road – Recent application to discharge planning conditions from subsidiary of Sports Direct; Planning Ref: 2017/6126/P.

Pizza Express Building – owners of the site unable to sell at current price; their position – sell or develop it themselves in medium term; cinema operator still on board.

8 Election of committee:

The current committee stood for re-election – proposed by John Nicholson and was seconded by Kate Herzberg.

9 Q&A:

Q:How much residential housing is available for elderly and social care, with close access to the street?

A: There are opportunities for public engagement on this. Designs in relation to this are in the Kentish Town Plan and put forward in the Regis Road/Murphy’s development area.

Comment: The proposed Ingestre Development is too big for the site.

A: KTNF is dealing with that issue in its response.

Q What happened to Christmas Lights proposal?

A: Although some money was gratefully donated by businesses, the target was not reached.

Q: Why is there a plague of empty shops in Kentish Town Road?

A: Increase in online shopping; business rates. There are secondary shopping area protections in the KTNF plan. There are new retail outlets coming in, for example Gail’s Bakery.

Comment: There is not enough public space to socialise away from traffic fumes.

A: There is a London-wide consultation on air pollution. There are areas in the KTNF where this could be achieved.

10 AoB: none

11 First committee meeting of 2018: 8 February.

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