Quarterly Minutes

Here are the minutes of the quarterly KTNF Committee Meetings:


Committee Meeting – 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 8 November 2018 at The Vine, 86 Highgate Road, NW5 1PB

Present: Roger Winfield (chair), Paul Seviour (treasurer), Ian Grant (secretary), Fabrizio Lepore, Liz Sheridan, Chris Hudson, Robert Livock, Celia Goreham, Henry Herzberg (deputy chair),

In attendance: Alice Brown

Apologies: Virginia Beardshaw, Derek Jarman, David Jockelson

Guest: Adam Richards – Camden Town Unlimited (Camden Business Improvement District)

2 Conflicts of interest

Roger stressed that members of the committee are also (by definition) members of other community groups in Kentish Town and urged circumspection in relation to KTNF business

3 Highline: progress report from Adam Richards of Camden Town Unlimited who manage the proposed Camden Highline.

Over £60,000 achieved through initial donations and contributions; Engineers report done; Highline feasible; 25 year lease from Network Rail under negotiation; potential to open up N. London tourist destinations in wider walking route; suits Camden’s growth and well-being agenda; suits TFL plans including new entrances for Camden stations; looking for a mix of grants and contributions to get to planning stage; looking at revenue models post construction; shortest time-frame is 18 months – 2 years for planning; 18 months first phase construction.

ACTION: Adam requested that members sign up to the newsletter and or donate: https://www.camdenhighline.com/

4 Minutes of last meeting (19 July) and matters arising:

Discover location of Camden’s last mile park for delivery lorries and promote to wider list IG – Lorry park where larger distribution vehicles can decant goods to smaller vehicles is in Pakenham Street, London WC1. Camden also told us it is piloting delivery by Cargo bikes, and a newspaper scheme in Kings Cross is proving successful.

Write to TFL asking to extend rent bike scheme to Kentish Town Road RW. Letter received from TFL showing encouragement for a scheme, providing there is some joint capital funding.

ACTION: KTNF to apply for CIL funding for a Santander Docking Station along with more bicycle hoops along Kentish Town Road. DONE

5 Chair’s report (RW)


6 Kentish Town development framework consultation (HH)

Camden released draft consultation for public engagement at the end of October – and runs until 7 December: (https://www.camden.gov.uk/ccm/content/environment/planning-and-built-environment/two/planning-policy/supplementary-planning-documents/planning-frameworks-and-briefs/kentish-town-growth-and-industrial-area-planning-framework.en). KTNF reps have been attending meetings with Camden Council planners and Dartmouth Park NF reps to develop the draft framework. Last one attended by Roger, Henry, Chris and Ian. Roger and Henry met CNJ journalist Dan Carrier to discuss KTNF’s hopes for the framework – article published. (http://camdennewjournal.com/article/kentish-town-regeneration-what-should-be-built-on-biggest-opportunity-site-in-camden?sp=1&sq=Kentish%2520Town%2520Planning%2520Framework)

ACTION: KTNF has organised a committee working party to put in a co-ordinated response to the consultation at The Vine, 24 October 10am.

7 Planters on Kentish Town Road and CIL (IG)

Proposal for planters along Kentish Town Road from KTNF and other community groups (along with 38 emails, comments of support – and three objections) approved unanimously by six councillors on 17 September. Funds coming from Kentish Town CIL (not the KTNF allocation). Fifteen Nomad planters and six bike lock planters (some replacing existing bike planters). Majority on the station entrance side due to pavement widths. Maintenance agreement is part of contract, along with a Camden Council grounds operative to check maintenance is OK. Opinion on colours canvassed – dark blue majority. Ian thanked for work on this.

8 Ingestre planning application (AB)

Architects and design team listened to consultation ideas and reduced the height of the original building, but the result is block-like and a building too big for the site. KTNF responses are to D3A/B/C. Although KTNF in support of policy proving homes for older people, the new design doesn’t meet principles in the KTNF plan. The designers haven’t addressed KTNF concerns – and the conclusion is that KTNF objects to the planning application.

ACTION: Objection to planning application to be submitted AB/RW

9 Pubs as ACVs (PS)

More pubs have been added to the list including Aces & Eights and Rose & Crown, bringing total to 16. ACV application forms are being filled in for each pub indicating, historical, cultural and architectural value. Working party (Roger, Paul, Derek, Chris, Joanna (KTNF), Caroline Hill and Lindsey Purchall (KTRA)) researching all the pubs involved and forms are being submitted.

ACTION: Forms to be submitted to Camden Council

10 Car Wash site (RW)

KTNF successful in persuading Camden planners to consider the Car Wash site separately from Regis Road development (KTPDA). Plans are for 14 flats above the ground floor which is set to be a restaurant as envisaged in the policy for the site in the Neighbourhood Plan. Developer has followed the plans for Car Wash site as outlined in KT plan. Concern was raised by one member about future of employees at Car Wash site.

11 Updates on 3-6 Spring Place (AB) and Carpetright and Pizza Express (VB)

Paul’s email on Carpetright and Pizza Express with update had been circulated to committee earlier. Spring Place update deferred

ACTION: Prepare updates for AGM

12 Planning policy and the future of high street(s) (IG)

Attended a conference on Future of the High Street. Speaker consensus (Trowers & Hamlin, Colliers, Stiff + Trevelyan) that in 5-10 years space needed for current High Street retail outlets would be 50% of what it is now and that the High Street has to change or die. One suggestion – retail should gather around transport hubs (ie tube and rail stations). Speakers suggested opening up the High Street to services, community services more open space and entertainment and limiting or stopping traffic. The community should be the ones to come up with answers. Agreement that business rates and appeals system needed changing, also use-class reform, and change of hours in leases to suit changing local population during the day and evening – lobbying occurring in all these areas.

13 Committee membership (RW)

Letter in Camden New Journal seeking members from businesses (RW) (http://camdennewjournal.com/article/how-businesses-can-play-an-active-part-in-the-community?sp=1&sq=Kentish%2520Town%2520Neighbourhood%2520Forum)

Virginia Beardshaw is standing down from the committee

Fabrizio is moving to Archway – but asked to continue as an advisor/observer

ACTION: Roger is contacting David Jockelson re future involvement

14 AGM date

The date is 24 January at Kentish Town Library 7-8.30PM

15 AOB

KTNF is seeking representation with Mayors Office (GLA) to discuss Kentish Town Potential Development Area; Henry and Roger met with local MP Keir Starmer, who is resident in the forum area to acquaint him with KTNF’s proposals for the KTPDA and show him the architects’ drawings KTNF has had prepared.

Camden Civic Society expressed concerns over HS2 and Euston development (Robert)

Transport Consultation – Liz is writing response on behalf of KTNF (to be circulated prior to submission) (https://consultations.wearecamden.org/supporting-communities/camden-transport-strategy/consult_view/)

ACTION: Liz to circulate committee the draft response

KTNF (IG) attended Save Camden Trees meeting set up by BARA resident Harvey Flinder. Meeting called by HF, attended by two ward councillors and around 30 others. Report produced on FoI requests, Camden Open Data and other contributions. Camden’s policy is twice yearly pollarding of trees based on a policy of defendable claims v subsidence. Contention is this policy denudes streets of tree cover and the benefits of air quality, shade, habitat etc; and kills some trees. Comparison with three neighbouring boroughs demonstrates the extent of stripping and topping is unnecessary – Camden has same low rate of tree related subsidence as its neighbours who do not routinely pollard their mature trees. Call has been made on Council to amend its current Tree Policy.

KTNF (IG) attended an NLA round-table on Neighbourhood Forums in London 5 years on. Reps from several NFs discussed issues. Trend for NFs to become parish councils due to easier administration and access to funding. Being written up in New London Quarterly.



Committee Meeting – 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 19 July 2018 at The Vine, 86 Highgate Road, NW5 1PB

Present: Roger, Paul, Ian, Chris, Robert, Fabrizio


 1 Apologies: Celia, Joanna, Derek, Virginia, Henry, Alice, Liz

Absent: David

2 Conflicts of interest:

Roger asked committee members who are involved in other Kentish Town groups to state if they see those groups duplicating projects of KTNF.

3 Minutes of last meeting (10 May) and matters arising:

  • Roger to send Gus of Kentish Town City Farm – map in the plan RW
  • Air pollution: KTNF to stress anti-air pollution measures in new buildings in planning application responses such as electric car points, energy efficiency, renewables and low NOx boilers All
  • Environment and environmental protection to be stressed in our responses to the Kentish Town Planning Framework All
  • Look into promoting the closure of Kentish Town Road on specific day/days (Sunday(s) PS
  • Discover location of Camden’s last mile park for delivery lorries and promote to wider list IG
  • Write to TFL asking to extend rent bike scheme to Kentish Town Road RW

 4 Welcome Joanna Chow as new committee member

 5 Update on Regis Road/Framework (RW)

Three meetings and walkabout so far; Camden Council presented its compilation of the workshops to date; Still fair amount to be completed including data on housing need, new schools and health facilities. Major changes: the relocation of industrial/employment space next to the rail line largely due to traffic/transport issues; the Veolia waste site is out of play; the edges of the development areas – not covered.

KTNF to compile a list of points arising from workshop to send to Camden and request to see Camden’s plan in greater detail RW

6 Greening Kentish Town Road and CIL (IG)

KTNF invited to and ultimately led a walkabout looking at potential location of greenery with three councillors, and five people from three Camden Council departments from the proposals presented. Green Space explained no trees to be planted due to underground services; but general agreement on planters and bike planters. More planned for the Old Post Office side (3:1) due to width of pavements. Proposal is being discussed among councillors and Camden officers. Canteloes ward councillor wants to part-fund the scheme. KTNF is minded to part-fund through CIL and waiting for costings prior to progressing an application.

7 Ingestre (AB)

KTNF advised that it shouldn’t accept the current plan and should wait for a planning application to be submitted.

8 Pubs as ACVs (CH)

Working group formed, met 11 July; Paul, Chris, Roger (KTNF), Caroline Hill (KTRA), Caz Stuart (local resident), Lindsey Purchall (KTRA). Absent-, Derek (KTNF). Context – Implementation of policy in Neighbourhood Plan. Andrew Triggs, principal planning officer at Camden Council in charge of ACV applications, confirmed KTNF is an eligible group to apply for ACVs. Actual pub visits and desk research planned. Next meeting 8 August.

An email to be sent to members requesting evidence of local pubs social and community value (IG).

9 Car Wash site (RW)

Camden Council willing to accept a planning application for the car wash site; accepted that it is not linked to the re-development of the Regis Road site and will not affect green access ways.

10 Updates on 3-6 Spring Place (AB) and Carpetright and Pizza Express (VB)

Brockton Capital is seeking changes to the consented scheme at Spring Place. Change in elevational treatment and the loss the link between Grafton Road and Spring Place are the most significant issues; Paul to liaise with Alice to submit KTNF’s comments. Virginia not present to report.

11 Comms (IG)

Website up to date. Ian thanked for his work on this.

12 Raising KTNF profile and fundraising

Current activities – Pubs as ACVs and Greening Kentish Town Road are raising KTNF profile. Roger also wrote to CNJ about step free access at KT station.

13 AOB

The Vine has been very accommodating to KTNF. Roger encouraged members to reciprocate by buying drinks.RW

14 Date of next meeting 2018 8 November. The Vine.

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