Quarterly Minutes

Here are the minutes of the quarterly KTNF Committee Meetings:

Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum Committee Meeting
Thursday 8 September 2022 7pm

In attendance: Henry Herzberg, Roger Winfield, Judith Leeb, Chris Hudson,
Robert Livock, Ian Grant, Celia Goreham

Apologies: Liz Sheridan, Dee Searle, Niall Monaghan; Joanna Chow, Luci Noel
Welcome to Brigette Ascher (invited to next committee meeting) and adviser Rafe
Bartram. Details to be added to members summaries

On the day of the death of the Queen announced five minutes prior to the start, the
attendees voted to continue the meeting unanimously. A minute’s silence was observed

Conflicts of interest IG

Minutes of last meeting IG
Matters arising – None

Executive update IG, DS, JL, NL
Meeting – Ian, Judith, and Luci – discussion on extending the constitution from 15-18
but decided to contact the ten people who said they wanted to join the KTNF
Committee in the questionnaire, asking for more details, with a view to meeting some
and some potentially joining. Extension to be kept under review.

Bank account progress JL, DS (see KTNF structure)
Applied in June / July – Judith confirmed to Barclays that KTNF are still interested.
Barclays emailed Judith saying they would get back to KTNF in a month. Agreed we
would give Barclays another month.
Discussion on potential KTNF structures; easiest route is to become a company
limited by guarantee. Potential route from there to a Community Interest Company –
but additional resources needed to support that including reporting stipulations.
Action: Judith to track Barclays

Planning updates JL
Carpetright newsletter says work set to finish in Summer 2023.
Raglan Estate – first consultation for residents of Monmouth House; with Camden
officers (small site in NP p58); idea of small units where garages are – 15 garages.
Resistance from residents – used for storage; concerns about loss of light and
density; concerns voiced that Monmouth House is lacking proper maintenance due
to lack of funding; ideas about how to maintain – in Camden’s business plan; another
meeting is planned

Consultations – Apollo Studios – 17 office units – now ten residential; application for
one more from Class E to C3.
Brecknock Road warehouse – application for 2-bedroom flats
Car Wash site – approval of detail on website; going forward
No 19 – developers have put in a new application involving increased massing; after
the meeting Camden passed the new application by six votes (three abstentions).
Action: Chris and Rafe to comment on Apollo and Brecknock applications

Murphy and Regis Road update HH and JL
HH chat with Kate McMillan – things are slow; no progress to report; no public
pronouncement without a direction they feel comfortable about; no progress with
Camden; Murphy is considering whole position on what it wants to do; On Phase 1 of
the Car Wash site – Paul Brosnahan advised pre-commencement condition
discharged; start time in November

Charette on Murphy’s run by DPNF: Camden representatives were invited; and
wanted it recorded; an ideas session; six different break-out sessions including,
design, construction, transport, sustainability, and environment. No output to date.
Discussion on KTNF’s position, as set out in the plan and letters to Murphy. No
reasons to change due to attending meeting – but comment that KTNF must be
mindful of public interest and representing views of the community.

Business committee updates JC (see Business update in agenda)
Joanna’s business report – 25 visits to business owners. Who were the businesses,
and what did they say? Supplementary report needed on these businesses
Action: Joanna to report on results of these meetings, and what was
discussed, preferably before next committee meeting

Green Gateways update IG, CH
A lengthy process resulted in Green Gateways Committee being invited to pitch for
Spacehive crowdfunding via High Streets fund. Long and torturous process, with
hoops and very short deadlines. Camden came back with a Phase 1 scheme pilot of
up to five benches and bicycle rack removal, in Caversham Road costing £23,000.
Phase 2 nine months later would involve taking two parking spaces with planters and
seating and if successful extended to other roads in the KTNFplan One of the
coalition groups, TKT, dropped out due to the cost of the scheme and lack of
greenery. The GGC also said the Phase 1 scheme was not inspiring, given the need
to crowdfund, and decided to go for a more beefed-up scheme and sought a meeting
with Camden.
Action: Doodle for GCC meeting in September

KTNF events: Curious Kentish Town, (KTCC), How Planning Works (KTCC),
Stall at the Co-op

No-one wanted to be involved in events group except Chris who offered graphics
support; a pub quiz for December may be difficult timing-wise
Events are effective way of raising our profile but at the moment we have extremely
limited resources along with absences and illnesses; and caution urged in event
planning. Concentration should be on our core activity of policing the plan and
responding to planning applications

Film Show update LS
See agenda notes

IARA meeting/social notification – (second week of September).

Date of next KTNF Committee meeting: 10 November on Zoom


Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum Committee – 5th May 2022,
Kentish Town Stores


Joanna Chow, Ian Grant (Chair), Henry Herzberg, Chris Hudson, Robert Livock, Judith Leeb (Treasurer), Luci Noel (Secretary), Dee Searle (Deputy Chair/Communications), Liz Sheridan, Roger Winfield.

1 Apologies:

Celia Goreham

2 Conflicts of interest:


3 Minutes of last meeting:

Approved. No matters arising

4 Chair’s report:

Distributed prior to meeting. No matters arising not covered below.

5 Treasurer’s report:

Current balance £75.00. This will cover costs (mainly website) for the next year but then we will need to fundraise. Is any grant aid available?

We need to open a bank account which enables online receipts and payments but difficult if for an organisation rather than an individual.

Action: Dee will ask Hampstead NF what their arrangements are. Judith will do same for Highgate NF. Triodos and Metro banks suggested but may incur charges. It was suggested that a Zettle reader combined with a mobile app would enable payments to be received, e.g., at events.

Action: Judith will research.

6 KTNF Aims to January 2023:

The Executive committee had made the following list:

Inclusion and diversity (including new committee members)

There is space for 2-3 more members of the committee. Dee had spoken to former KTNF member Lindsey Purchall who expressed interest in rejoining. Agreed to invite her on to the committee.

Action: Dee will let Lindsey know.

Other candidates were mentioned – Sean Fairbrother (BARA) and Pauline Etkin (Ingestre Estate). Ian is making further enquiries.

Action: Chair and one member of the executive committee to interview prospective members

Exhibiting at Alma Street Fair – Sunday 3 July. Content and aims

The Executive had agreed to KTNF having a stall at the Fair. Agreed that it will be in Anglers Lane along with other organisations.

Suggestions as to content: large map of KTNF area with Post it notes for people to comment and raise issues/ideas. We could sell, cakes, plants, books, etc. Content should be related to KTNF activities if possible. Ask people if they had heard of KTNF and what it was its purpose. Invite people to join mailing list and attend public events (see below). Produce a leaflet describing KTNF activities with information on website and how to join mailing list.

Action: Executive and Liz will pursue.

Alma Street Fair organisers contact number is: 07931 580 906.

KTNF event(s) speakers, venues and organisation

Agreed to organise one or two public events on ‘How Planning Works’ and ‘Kentish Town History’. Possible speakers include Brian O’Donnell (LBC Strategic Lead Planning Policy & Implementation), Dan Pope (LBC Chief Planner) and Ekim Tan (architect and game designer featured on Radio 4 ‘Positive Thinking: Making planning work for everyone’ programme on 3.5.22). A mediated discussion between speakers could perhaps work better than a straight talk.

Possible venues – The Greenwood Centre (costs £45 for 30 people); Pizza Express site cinema (Roger has contacted owners and awaits reply); Murphy’s office; old Post Office; Camden Town Brewery (next to KT West Overground Station); Kentish Town Stores. Venue would be part of appeal to event attendees. A historic venue such as Murphy’s Yard would be good for the history event. However, publicity for this should make the purpose of the event clear, so as not to confuse with Murphy’s development plans.

Date – Agreed that they should be in the autumn, September-November. Publicity (leaflet, poster) should be available at Alma Street Fair stall.

Speakers at KTNF committee meetings: While it is important that the KTNF committee informs itself of new planning legislation, etc. it was felt that priority should be given to the public events rather than having speakers at our meetings.

Action: A working group for Events (including executive) should be formed asap. Luci would participate.

Reviewing the KTNF Plan

This would be a very big job. The Plan’s references need updating but it’s aims, and ideals still stand. Agreed to gather views (e.g., at Alma Street Fair) before embarking on a review. We could use an incremental approach.

7 Planning (Judith)

Ex-Underground Station in KT Road south of Prince of Wales Road (Cash Converters) – an application to develop space at rear into workspaces and flats. Planning subgroup opposes this.

Regis Road site opposite PO Depot – a retroactive application for dark kitchens which currently operate. Planning subgroup opposes this.

Spring Place (Segro site) – a new application for different uses, rather than last mile delivery hub. Planning subgroup supports this.

298-302 KT Road (north of junction with Leighton Road, currently Rabbit Hole restaurant) – application by pizza company to change use from retail and restaurant, to just restaurant. Pointed out that application is obsolete as use classes have changed. Concern that proposal is for a pizza restaurant and delivery service.

Agreed that we have reservations and should ask questions about delivery bikes and their effects on Leverton Place residents and should liaise with KTRA on this.

19 Highgate Road – application for multi-storey residential block, deadline 20th May.

Action: Judith will circulate details.

8 Murphy’s Yard and Regis Road developments (Henry)

Murphy’s Yard is “not a sprint – but a marathon” (i.e., it will take a long time). Murphy and LBC are working together to overcome objections. KTNF letter regarded as “very helpful.”

Regis Road is “inching forward.” Multiple land ownership makes it complicated. Mixed responses from landowners – some actively involved, others not.

9 Business (Joanna)

Aims of KTNF Business subgroup are to support existing and new businesses in KT (2021). A meeting was held with Adam Dray, LBC Business Engagement manager and another is planned for June. Purpose is to see if the KTNF group could serve a useful role.

10 Green Gateways (Chris and Ian)

The subgroup had put together a much-simplified proposal (for the Caversham Rd junction) for the LBC match funding opportunity and crowd funding via Spacehive website.

Camden are still asking for clarifications with a deadline of 10th May. Process complicated by fact that a repeated request to LBC Engineers Dept for prices for bicycle stand removal had met with no response and the bench contact at LBC could not identify supplier of benches outside Mornington Crescent Underground station which LBC had recommended! Transport for London had provided these as they manage the space where they are located, and Chris had been unable to find a TfL contact to enquire further. He is getting further quotes for similar solid timber benches. Spacehive need official confirmation of land use. So far Camden have only supplied unofficial confirmation via email.

Roger suggested we try KTNF friendly contacts at LBC (Brian O’Donnell and Katrina Christoforou) but this is now too late for the current bid.

Agreed that if we were unable to submit in time, we should investigate other ways of achieving the Green Gateways objectives.

11 AOB

The failure of both escalators at KT Underground station had resulted in the station being closed at the moment. Given the number of times that escalator repairs had had to be made at this station over the years this was thought unacceptable.

Agreed that Dee would draft a letter from KTNF to Transport for London to express our views and ask for action.

12 Date of next meeting:

7th July 2022 at Kentish Town Stores, 7-9 pm.

Agreed that we would meet every two months from now on rather than quarterly.


KTNF Committee Meeting 3 February 2022

In attendance: Roger Winfield, Henry Herzberg, Paul Seviour, Ian Grant, Robert Livock, Liz Sheridan, Chris Hudson, Celia Goreham, Judith Leeb, Dee Searle, Joanna Chow, Niall Monaghan, Luci Noel

1 Apologies – Liz Woodeson

2 Conflict of Interest


3 Minutes of last meeting

Minutes approved

4 Murphy’s Yard

Thanks to Henry – huge amount of work on letter to Camden; on KTNF website

A huge amount of opposition to the scheme; leaflets and articles and complaints. If modifications are agreed, it can provide good use – more housing and more employment with good quality links to public transport. Murphy is using a lot of professional consultants. Not for us to condemn it outright. HH:

Historic England and Heath & Hampstead Society letters noted. They are critical, including needing more control over height and mass

Action: Letters to be forwarded to committee HH

Action 2: Dee to send letter to CNJ correcting the impression that KTNF wholeheartedly supports the scheme DONE

5 AGM – Matters arising

42 acceptances; 39 attended

6 Chair’s report

As sent

7 Secretary’s report

As sent

8 Planning applications

Mobile telephone application adjacent to Kentish Town Fire Station on Fortess Walk; trees and equipment box already on pavement; array of trees. It is a more modest height 12-14 feet than some others – KTNF position – not to oppose it as not obtrusive.

KTNF policy responding to planning applications should be treated on an individual basis but useful to highlight examples over the years – generic points. For example, objections from BARA on H&H. Was rejected by Camden Council.

Note on planning applications as statutory consultees. KTNF doesn’t deal with individual’s applications. Some commercial applications are straightforward for example, air conditioning units at the back of buildings, and change shop fronts etc; – considered insignificant re our role.

Question to ask: is this something the planning sub-committee wants to see? Useful for planning officers to see KTNF responses. Entails monitoring an email address once a week and raising relevant applications with committee. Officers can be open to receiving comments after the closing date.

If applications are on or over the KTNF border – we can still make points and representations.

Judith Leeb offered to monitor planning applications

On Twitter account monitor – needs to be in line with KTNF Plan, policies and principles. Dee Searle offered to step in the short term.

9 Duties and responsibilities

As sent in documents

Paul Seviour thanked for all his work and the committee gave him a leaving gift.

10 Niall Monaghan – not standing for any executive role. Idea mooted of rolling tenure. But officers are elected each year – so it is built in if don’t want to carry on.

Roger said after over six years chairing the committee, he thought it needed refreshing. Was asked to stay on sub-groups on Murphy’s Yard and Regis Road committee. Has deep knowledge of the developments.

Roger thanked the committee for its support. Comment on responses to increase diversity have been poor.

Roger thanked for all his work, setting up a good structure and running a steady ship.

11 Election of officers

Ian Grant – Chair

(retains duties producing newsletter and maintaining website)

Proposed by Niall; seconded by Chris

Dee Searle – Deputy Chair

(retains role as Communications Officer)

Proposed by Luci; seconded by Celia

Judith Leeb – Treasurer

(also has role of monitoring planning applications)

Proposed by Liz S; seconded by Dee

Luci Noel – Secretary – taking minutes

(can delegate minute taking to others on a rolling basis: Liz S, Celia and Chris offered)

Proposed by Henry, seconded by Judith

Roles to be reviewed in July

12 Communications paper

Goal to improve communication and collaborative working; open-source systems can be limited until start paying; members in last discussion said What’s App did not help

Slack is a communications and collaborative tool; free version is good; limit of 100 members; everybody has oversight but don’t have to be involved and threads very useful. Some members keen to try it

Better use can be made of Google; for example, KTNF GoogleGroup and Google Docs; Majority of committee are in favour of using Google better. Possibility of using Slack later once KTNF’s use of Google is enhanced

Action: Dee to set up KTNF Google Group

13 AoB

Noted that Tatiana von Preussen is disappointed to stand down as member of committee, due to commitments

There was a big vote of thanks to Roger for chairing the committee

Date of next meeting: 5 May

Committee Meeting – 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 4 November 2021 by Zoom

In attendance: Roger Winfield; Henry Herzberg; Paul Seviour; Joanna Chow; Judith Leeb; Dee Searle; Robert Livock, Niall Monahan; Chris Hudson; Liz Woodeson; Ian Grant; Tatiana von Preussen

1 Apologies (IG)

Celia Goreham, Liz Sheridan

2 Conflicts of interest (RW)


3 Minutes of last meeting (15.7 21) and matters arising (RW)

RW – Role of Conservation Area Committees to follow up; Murphy Yard Planning Application not yet validated; Beer Garden meeting – ceo pulled out of meeting ‘because he had decided not to proceed with the venture’.

4 Murphy’s Yard update (HH)

Murphy resolving planning documents with Camden Council. Expecting registration in next few weeks.

Murphy’s Yard second visit didn’t go ahead. Future visit planned.

DPNF newsletter – forceful comment on Murphy’s Yard. It wants lower key development with lower buildings, sympathetic to existing buildings in the area. KTNF thinks Camden are set to be supportive of the scheme. Plans to draft a statement for the CNJ and KTNF website.

Murphy has omitted the Car Wash site – entrance to whole development.

Action: Write letter to Camden now. Draft to be sent to working group

5 Regis Road – presentation on the Regis Road Development by Wen Quek, Camden Council (NM)

On density, Wen Quek said a similar approach to Murphy’s will be adopted. Plans are for 1000 new homes and 200 new jobs. Viability, access and logistics are big issues and innovative approaches are required. Regis Road is no longer a priority area for industrialisation in the London Plan – but last mile delivery is becoming more important.


6 Chair’s report (RW)

As submitted

7 Secretary’s report (IG)

As submitted

8 Sub-committee reports

  • Green/Environment (IG),

Committee decided to go for March funding round for Green Gateway pilot; still managing Cottage Garden on Platform 1 and bulbs for planters in Kentish Town Road. Note that Biodiversity Net Gain has come into law and developers (over 0.5ha or 10 units) must increase biodiversity on the site or offsite by 10%.

  • Business (JC),

Meeting with Business Engagement Manager – Genny Fernandez of Camden – introduce KTNF to Camden contacts – business BID committees

Meeting with Caroline Hill set for 19 November (working with KTRA in future) important for two people or more to be at KTNF sub-committee meetings.

Action: Joanna (plus) to meet Caroline Hill

  • Community Engagement (LN)

Emails on the future of community sub-committee. Future meeting.

Action: Luci to set up community sub-committee meeting

Futuregov: Running a pilot to Improve the ways that Camden residents engage in the planning process including a site notice service and facilitating easier feedback online to ensure the most impacted can influence to ensure developments meet local needs. Aimed at hard-to-reach groups.

Committee in general thought it was a good idea to participate

Action: Committee to experiment with the website

Action: Roger to Report back to Futuregov

  • Planning Policy (NM)

Looks like the zone proposals in Planning White Paper are gone along with mandatory housing targets and inability to object to schemes; lot of lobbying for a new regeneration zone; policy direction – communities to share benefits of developments with stricter rules on developers to improve environments; out of big ideas, only reformed infrastructure levy remains. Some changes expected through National Planning Policy Framework and secondary legislation, although Planning Bill expected next year. (IG)

Camden: Site Allocation Plans – Council meeting cancelled. New consultation on 18 November | Article 4 Directions going ahead in some area | Gospel Oak and Haverstock Growth area plans on show (IG)

9 Planning applications (PS)

Spring Place – Camden still in conversations with applicant. Applicants has updated the information they were presenting; re-consulting on; Niall reaffirmed KTNF position. Officers still considering the application. Hasn’t gone to planning committee.

Application for an array of ariels on building adjacent to Car Wash site – KTNF Planning Committee coming to a view whether we want to respond to it.

No2 Prince of Wales Road (Camden Law Centre) Though Camden originally wanted to sell it, now keeping it and spending some money on refurbishment – improving the layout and turning first floor into a neighbourhood hub. It is a policy building in the neighbourhood plan if became available. But Camden want to use it.

Old Starbucks premises – refitted out – no planning application submitted

Old Costa Coffee premises – fitted out – don’t know who is set to use it

Fish and chip shop premises – empty

10 Communications / WhatsApp for KTNF? – Discussion (DS)

Advantage – suits people who miss emails; What’s app easier to follow; good for fast responses; Disadvantages – another channel of communication; not good for depth; continuous chain makes for problems; Different channels in Slack – general and specific may be better.

Action: Dee to investigate Slack

11 Next year’s committee and AGM arrangements

Not heard from Liz Sheridan, and Paul Seviour is not standing for next year’s committee. Thanked for work and long-term commitment to KTNF. The next committee will have to appoint a Treasurer

Zoom AGM is on 20 January

Wen Quek from Camden Council Planning Department invited to talk on Regis Road

First committee meeting 2022 is on 1 February

Action: Ian to ask Liz Sheridan whether she wants to stay on

12 AoB

In CNJ: Land Securities proposed development on O2 Centre alerted the committee that the local elections may mean delays for larger planning applications.

Grenfell Inquiry play at Tabernacle recommended watch for committee.



Committee Meeting – 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 15 July 2021 by Zoom


In Attendance: Roger Winfield; Henry Herzberg; Paul Seviour; Joanna Chow; Judith Leeb; Dee Searle; Robert Livock; Liz Sheriden, Niall Monahan; Chris Hudson; Liz Woodeson; Ian Grant

1 Apologies (IG)

Celia Goreham, Luci Noel, Tatiana von Preussen (away)

2 Conflicts of interest (RW)


3 Minutes of last meeting (6 May 2021) and matters arising (RW)

No update on A&A site

Segro/and Spring Place – no update

High Street Challenge and Green Gateways section, and Communications Officer section of previous minutes clarified

 4 Chair’s report (RW)

Murphy meetings; sub-committee meetings

5 Secretary’s report (IG)

Transcript of Camden Planners meeting; four meetings with regards to communications and sub-committees

6 Planning Policy sub-committee report (NM)

Lot of comments on consultations on Spring Place/Segro

Ian to provide planning policy updates; currently Planning Bill is in Parliament – likelihood of amendments to White Paper plans; ‘wildbelt’ proposals involve protected strips of greenery around brownfield sites; Transport decarbonisation plans will mean zero carbon outlets in new buildings; Building decarbonisation plans out in Autumn; look at Social Housing report (Niall to distribute)

Individual sub-committee representatives to be involved in individual planning applications if applicable; anybody can input into planning applications

7 Sub-committees

Green/Environment (IG), emailed and phoned Camden Council – no specific officer for Kentish Town yet; CC is possibly launching something for community High Street projects in the Autumn; KTRA’s bid for greening two west Kentish Town sites didn’t succeed, but Camden Regeneration would like to explore the existing Green Gateways on the east side and the two on the west side

Policy – Environment Bill in Parliament – biodiversity net gain proposal – 10% uplift in biodiversity on all developments

Business (JC), shared papers on aims and objectives and action plans; fact finding Q&As – understanding; establish contact point in local authority related to local plan and policy; explore funding support to assist local businesses in Kentish Town; meet corporates on CSR plans and contribution to Kentish Town; meet KTRA

Communications Officer update (Dee); taking it slowly, strategic communication – two-way process; looking at helping sub-committees in their roles and clarify aims. Agreement that Dee creates a WhatsApp Group for the committee.

Dee reports to Roger; need to clarify messages with him before going out from KTNF

Liz Sheriden – interest in being involved in Facebook and social media

Judith Leeb and Liz Sheridan expressed need for information on what happens at meeting of the sub-committees’ heads meetings and Liz S suggests members should be able to get involved in sub-committees if they are interested in initiatives

Roger said the sub-committees were a new idea and needed time to settle down

8 Murphy’s Yard update (HH/PS/RW?)

Application not registered at time of writing; pursue on timing

Several things to look at when it is submitted:

KTNF insists when application comes through – the Car Wash site is included in scheme

Lot of concern whether the brief is too dense – 750 homes; specific workspace – people feel scheme is over-development, height, and density (set by Camden and GLA)

Unclear on the amount and type of housing.

Unhappy about lack of traffic impact study and how things move in the site

Don’t know about Camden planners’ reaction to the scheme

Maintaining the route from Kentish Town to the heath

Concern about sustainability aspects of the scheme and what is being presented

Suggested get together to discuss these points. How are we going to deal with the application when it goes in?

Action: Meet and brainstorm and write a paper to the whole committee

Potential meeting with Murphy and Climate Emergency Camden, last week of July (Dee)

Public concern about foreign buyers leaving units empty (Chris)

9 Planning applications (PS)

 Carpetright site – extant planning application for basement and ground floor retail first floor offices and other floors residential; application to vary one of the conditions – TfL says the design of piling too near to Underground lines – footprint of basement needs to be smaller – basement now not under the pavement of Kentish Town Road; permission to put lightwells in no longer required; lot of technical work has gone on. New materials brought on site recently

Roof terrace on Bull& Gate – KTNF supported it; Camden turned down planning application; owner appealed to planning inspector

Kossoff Bakery – two years ago –a businessman approached KTNF; Paul did walk with Aaron Kossoff looking at empty premises – new bakery on Kentish Town Road two years later

Pizza Express – awnings down – apartments can be seen; Vabel pursuing an operator to run a cinema

Spring Place and Segro – Paul has sent email to relevant Camden planning officer for an update

10 CAAC and KTNF (CG)

Joanna, a member of the Kentish Town CAAC summarised the role of CAAC; Camden has to consult CAAC on planning applications in the area along with trees, shops, café’s etc; There are Conservation Area Appraisal and statements for each area which guide responses; some have committees comprising residents and local businesses; largely commenting on residential applications. How are they constituted?

Chris: ask Camden why CAACs can’t be more transparent

 Action: Roger to contact Camden Council about the role of CAACs

11 AoB

KTRA – KTNF business sub-committee interested in the High Street businesses; possibilities of duplication of work – explore working with KTRA on a specific issue

Action: Niall to meet Caroline Hill

Judith – 55 kitchen licensing applications in Regis Road – a concern

Beer Garden in Regis Road – licensing application; KTNF to be involved; 56-day temporary application to end of August; will be planning issues if they progress a planning application

Action: Roger to approach owners

Henry – press for a meeting with Camden Council on Regis Road

Action: Roger to contact Camden Council planners involved with Kentish Town Framework Area for an update on Regis Road

12 Date of remaining committee meetings in 2021:

4 November plus AGM 20 January 2022.


Committee Meeting – 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 6 May 2021 by Zoom

In attendance: Roger Winfield, Henry Herzberg, Paul Seviour, Ian Grant, Robert Livock, Chris Hudson, Celia Goreham, Elizabeth Woodeson, Judith Leeb, Joanna Chow, Niall Monaghan, Luci Noel, Tatiana von Preussen, Dee Searle, Dan Pope, Brian O’Donnell

1 Apologies (IG)


Absent – Liz Sheridan

2 Conflicts of interest (RW)

None reported

3 Dan Pope, Chief Planner, Camden Council and Brian O’Donnell, Strategic Lead, Planning Policy & Implementation, LB of Camden (NM)

A question-and-answer session with KTNF committee members

4 Minutes of last meeting (4 February 2021) and matters arising (RW)

Work ongoing on membership database

5 Chair’s report (RW)

As provided

6 Secretary’s report (IG)

As provided

7 Planning Policy sub-committee report (NM)

Comments on Segro for Spring Place sent to Camden Council. Application not determined, at time of writing.

First review of A&A site at Greenwood Place. Site has a long history of planning applications. Some concerns about impact on Greenwood Place; KTNF asking for improvements to public realm – comments have been sent back to developer.

8 Green/Environment (IG), Business (JC), Community Engagement (LN) sub-committee reports

RW expressed thanks for reports from sub-committee chairs and members. A huge amount of work has been done. Will review – now the dust has settled. Chairs will get together – re their roles and committee’s roles.

9 Murphy’s Yard update (HH)

Joint letter sent to Murphy – a lot for them to consider. A gap, then a hugely long letter back six pages with five attachments. They have responded on every point we raised. Defensive of their position with reasons for the design and the limitations they have to work under.

KTNF quoted on Murphy development in Ham & High.

DPNF has different attitude, perceived as more negative. Henry says Murphy doing their best to comply with KTNF Plan. “We wanted site comprehensively developed and a route through, and a lot of housing – we were excited they look to be achieving what we set down in KT Plan. But the devil is in the detail.”

Have been negative views about KTNF’s position. Statement put on the website and social media. We are adopting a cautious approach.

Liz: On the Car Wash site – any pressure we can put on them re the site and the Heath Line? If Murphy could do that could enhance Gateway from Kentish Town Station to the Heath.

10 Database update (JL)

Work ongoing

11 Planning applications (PS)

Application for a 5G mast on Camden Road. Two applications over the last year turned down as in Conservation Areas (CAs). This is outside CA. Proximity to residential streets or CA’s a factor. KTNF says consider proximity to Canteloes Gardens. Perceived health risk of antennae on residential. Height and location detrimental to the area.

George IV on Holmes Road is up for sale.

Carpetright site – do not know why Sports Direct has paused development.

12 High Streets for All Challenge (IG)

GLA initiative reinvigorating High Street after Covid. There is a circa 20K revenue grant and 200,000 capital grant. Meeting with Chris Bowles, Camden Regeneration Department. Application has to be in by May17 – replies back by Saturday. Plan is to have a small market under the canopy – continued in Freiswide Place and bottom of Wolsey Mews. Caroline Hill and KTRA leading the initiative. Different groups invited to support it. Does KTNF agree to that proposal?

Ian Recommendation – going with the proposal starts getting an important part of the KTNF Plan – the Green Gateways done.

Dee suggested Caroline comes and talks to us. Hard to get the money. Probably a low risk move. If money comes in – how we are involved?

Celia – Wolsey Mews is part of the conservation area (CA). If do something inside CA plans we need to consult.

Henry – not any sense. KT High Street an immensely difficult problem. This is a minor concept. Needs more design work.

Lucy – proposal trying to cover too much. Can’t achieve with the money. Narrow it down. Camden are positive and there’s a chance of Green Gateways funding.

Paul questions apart from the Green Gateways is there anything else in the KTNF Plan in this proposal? If it is, does anything to conflict with the NP and KTNF needs to have control over it.

Majority of the committee didn’t want to support KTNF in backing the plan.

Action: Ian to tell Caroline Hill (KTRA) about KTNF decision.

13 Communications Officer (RW)

Executive committee – discussed and amended Dee’s proposal. Must be sensitive to useful jobs being done in communications already. Limit to external rather than internal.

Amendment to proposal as distributed in the papers – “helping committee members currently doing communications work”.  The committee agreed on the new role.

14 Camden High Line update (TvP)

Tatiana’s practice is working on the project – exciting project for whole area. Just outside the NF area. KTNF is one of stakeholders to be consulted. One part of the team in the US – held up by Covid restrictions in travel. Coming over in June. Has been an online presentation. Team is planning an online event.

Conducting surveys on Maiden Lane and Agar Estate. Employed two young producers. Ultimately a planning application by Christmas. Meeting with Camden planning team.

The route starts at Camden Gardens, and goes to York Way above the Argent development. Initial planning application is for first phase from Camden Gardens to Camden Road Station and the masterplan.

15 AoB


16 Dates of remaining committee meetings in 2021:

15 July and 4 November plus AGM 20 January 2022.


Committee Meeting – 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 4 February 2021 by Zoom


In attendance: Roger Winfield, Henry Herzberg, Ian Grant, Paul Seviour, Joanna
Chow, Luci Noel, Robert Livock, Niall Monaghan, Judith Leeb, Chris Hudson,
Elizabeth Woodeson, Celia Goreham, Tatiana von Preussen, Dee Searle
1 Apologies
Liz Sheridan (post-meeting).
2 Conflicts of interest
None reported.
Action: committee members to send details of membership of other organisations
active in Kentish Town to Roger before the next meeting. If you speak at a meeting
representing KTNF interests should be declared at that meeting.

3 Application to join the committee: Dee Searle
Roger interviewed Dee. No-one raised any objections to the application. KTNF
committee is now up to a full complement of 15 people. Robert proposed Dee and
Ian seconded.

4 Election of officers – chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer
Roger aims to make this his last year as chair. Ian and Paul are standing again.
Chris proposed and Tatiana seconded. Henry thanked for his work. He has brought
extremely valued experience. He will continue to chair the working group on
Murphy’s and Regis Road. Niall invited to become deputy chair. Lucy proposed and
Henry seconded. Committee thanked for its support over the last year.
Ian thanked for work during the year. Judith to help on the membership database.
5 Minutes of last meeting (5 November 2020) and matters arising
No matters arose.

6 Chair’s report (RW)
Distributed with agenda.

7 3-6 Spring Place (SEGRO)
KTNF’s response to planning application (NM)

Judith, Fabrizio, Roger and Alice and Niall on sub-committee. Site of old Addison
Lee garage; SEGRO asking for broadening of use classes. Change from B2 to B8 –
light industrial. Concern to residents. IARA has separate interest.
SEGRO proposing heavy goods vehicles – late evening and early morning; limit of
nine HGVs on site; would consider a restriction – loading and unloading internally; all
loading within curtilage of the site; restriction and timing issues – midnight to 5am –
no deliveries; impact on highway network; primary road – Holmes Road; HGVs use
Grafton Road and Queens Crescent; public realm initiative would restrict use of the
latter; KT Framework – justifies a B8 use in Spring Place. Encourage B8 in Regis
and Murphy’s Yard. Last mile delivery would be 3-4 miles from Spring Place. It would
be SEGRO’s first of Zone 2 use in London.
Following detailed discussion – no support from KTNF for change of use to B8.
Existing use class sufficient; cannot support this application on any terms.
Action: Niall, Roger, Judith to put in KTNF’s response. Paul to respond as statutory

8 Planning applications (PS)
Two appeals – application by a 5G mobile network operator on Raglan Street –
turned down – an appeal gone to the Planning Inspector.
Holmes Road – additional storey of student accommodation – turned down and gone
to appeal.
BT could remove phone box at the end of Patshull Road in the summer.
Pizza Express building work going ahead; façade screening off late Spring; building
set to complete last quarter. Ground floor is a bespoke cinema.
Old Carpetright building – work ongoing.

9 Topics for coming year. Standing sub-committees –
Green/Environment, Planning Policy, Business, Community Engagement and
Murphy’s Yard/Regis Road.
Lot of useful knowledge and information in the committee. Previously ad hoc.
Standing sub-committees to become receptacles of knowledge. Each committee will
report to each quarterly committee meeting. Hopefully, the sub-committees will meet
between the quarterly meetings. The sub-committees will not replace existing groups
and single issue sub-committees like Pubs and AVCs and Green Gateways etc;
Business committee – Joanna Chow (chair). Scope outlined. Advised not to
compete with other groups on these issues; other members – Robert Livock, Lucy

Community Engagement Committee – Lucy Noel (chair) KTNF demographic far
wider than current committee. Previous attempt to get into TRAs – no response.
Emphasis on young people and BAME. Chris Hudson to serve on that committee,
along with Dee Searle.

Green/ Environment Committee – Ian Grant (chair). Lot of pressure and policy
nationally and locally. Big year with Climate change CoP 26 and Environment Bill
going through amongst other things. Areas include Energy (also in buildings) Waste,
Transport (air pollution) Green, open space and biodiversity issues, General
environment. Members are Dee Searle, Lucy Noel, Judith Leeb and Chris Hudson

Planning Policy – Niall Monahan (chair). Has been a flurry of policy papers – need
committee to analyse them. London Plan has been approved by MHCLG. GLA
publishing in February. Members – Liz Woodeson, Tatiana von Preussen; Celia
Goreham; Robert Livock, Judith Leeb, Ian Grant

Murphy’s Yard/Regis Road committee – Henry Herzberg (chair) officers are
members. Tatiana and Celia expressed an interest in future.

Advisers – Alice Brown – helped with the plan and has given planning advice.
Fabrizio Lepore was on the committee, moved away and now an adviser. Now the
committee is at full complement – a change. Now advisers not receiving papers or
invitations to committee meetings. Fabrizio to remain adviser; Alice does not want
the official KTNF title.

Liz Woodeson commented Fabrizio has contributed a great deal.

10 AGM – any issues arising.
Several complimentary remarks about how it was run and the presentations. One
technical issue cleared up.

11 AoB
Paul – Eight-point letter includes a summary of questions raised with Murphy.
Action: Murphy sub-committee to go back to Murphy and ask them to answer.
Paul – donations since AGM – running total £310 – running costs are circa £200/yr.
Action: Paul to look at direct donation link on the KTNF website.
Paul – Murphy running a consultation on community facilities.
Henry updated work with Murphy – had meetings and comments on the view. It is
still a work in progress. Latest survey shows the latest position on the view.
12 Dates of committee meetings in 2021:
6 May, 15 July, and 4 November plus AGM 20 January 2022.


 Committee Meeting – 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 5 November 2020 by Zoom


Present: Roger Winfield, Henry Herzberg, Paul Seviour, Ian Grant, Luci Noel, Liz Sheridan, Robert Livock, Joanna Chow, Niall Monaghan, Liz Woodeson, Judith Leeb, Chris Hudson, Celia Goreham,

In attendance: Alice Brown, Fabrizio Lepore

1 Apologies (IG)


2 Conflicts of interest (RW)

None reported

3 Approval of Minutes of last meeting (16 July 2020) (RW)


4 Matters arising from minutes of 16 July meeting (RW)

Use classes; wrote to secretary of state and local MP, concerned about implications of changes and lack of Parliamentary scrutiny; secretary of state, noted acceptance of letter, along with Sir Keir Starmer.

5 Green & Open Spaces (IG)

Polly Bass policy and projects officer from Camden Council looking to improve Kentish Town post-COVID-19. Keen on green initiatives including Green gateway pilot. Bickerton Road gateway in Archway – a good example; had two meetings – one with Green Gateway group (Luci, Chris, Judith, Alice, Ian) with members from KTRA and another with Council reps; Caversham Road – favoured location for pilot Gateway; completed ‘intervention’ form; set to have progress meeting before AGM.

Committee comments – request for fruit trees; need wider green-covering in Kentish Town; can use substantial trees in Caversham Road – wider road and can only turn one way. Maintenance issue a concern; businesses can adopt them with name on?

Meeting with Govia (GTR) re Cottage Garden. GTR creating new plaque with KTNF logo and offered KTNF a poster on the platform.

Action Contributions for artwork and messages re poster to be sent in (All)

Action Report on Green Gateway progress at next meeting (IG)

6 Murphy’s Yard (HH)

 Consultation by Camden in September; letter to Council’s Bethany Cullen on Murphy’s Yard – 6 October. Points made – clear view to heath from KT station; need preparation of walkthrough view; amount of office space on site – too much; concerned about the building heights; want a series of illustrative views; confirmation a variety of architects will be used; route opened up from car wash to Murphy site for pedestrians and cyclists; zero carbon by 2025 – how?; bridge links to Regis Road site – where?; temporary pedestrian route through site during construction needed; have concerns but supportive of scheme – generally representing our visions.

Camden and Murphy reps are glad to have comments and will respond to points. Another meeting due.

Committee expressed mixed views on building heights, use of space, views, and walk-throughs.

Action: Ask Murphy for up-to-date design, presentation and walk-through and views from Murphy’s and Camden Council. Ask Camden Council for Design Review Panel comments and report. Committee meeting on it after their presentation. (HH, RW)

7 KTNF’s response to planning white paper Planning for the Future (IG)

KTNF likes more engagement in the local plan; and increased focus on sustainability if clearly defined; but we think one size fits all regime won’t work; mixed view on local needs and decision making; think national design codes won’t work; government and local government have a lot to do and very little details outlined; KTNF wants to be consulted in two steps – local plan and on individual buildings; applications should go to as many as possible, much more detail needed including on zoning disputes and different building types, not just housing.

8 SEGRO 3-6 Spring Place (NM)

Invitation from SEGRO to a meeting; circulated the document – background and details and impact on community. They own building, bought from Brockton Capital; vacant since 2017 – planning mixed use office and events space; SEGROs proposal – light industrial /distribution and storage. Comprehensive internal and external refurb (£1m) and let to one user or company which would run it with one or two occupiers – ranging from TV production, food prep to delivery and logistics: set to create 40 jobs. They say in line with KT planning framework –site for last mile distribution. Have a green travel plan; air quality neutral, solar; vehicles neutral to previous use (Addison Lee). Greener vehicles – electric and bikes. But up to 18 tonne vehicles in from M25. Planning application by end of November. Twenty-four-hour use. Set to be 3-4 months on site. Not worried about letting site post-COVID-19. Currently classified general industrial – want to extend to distribution.

Committee has mixed views on acceptability. Regret previous scheme did not materialise; can put forward conditions on traffic movements in response to application. Subsequently, Niall, Roger and Judith met with SEGRO representatives to discuss concerns on the number and size of lorries and policing of movements. SEGRO said they would offer training and bring jobs into Kentish Town and would have to abide by any restrictions outlined in planning.

Action Niall to keep committee updated

9 Planning updates (PS)

Building adjacent to Doppio café. Mansard extension and change to front façade; KTNF response to improve the quality of the design in relation to adjacent properties – fitting the grain – making mansard less oppressive.

Oddbins to private gym in Kentish Town Road (new planning class E – do not need planning application)

Old Post Office – café (A1) New planning use E (A1-A3) do not need application

Camden Council – secretary of state – granted direction removes permitted development rights for Estate Agents boards in town centres and conservation areas – now need planning permission.

Holmes Road – student block – add storey to seven storey building. KTNF – area does not need D3 and proposal ‘affects grain’. Camden have turned it down.

Bull & Gate – KTNF supported application for terrace. Camden turned it down.

2 Prince of Wales Road – Camden Law Centre – maintenance ongoing (no planning application)

Ex-Carpetright building – owned by property company of Sports Direct Group ground floor and basement A1; first floor office, second, third and fourth floors – residential.

Ex-Pizza Express building – ongoing – steelwork going in.

10 AGM arrangements and next year’s committee (RW)

Will be Virtual event on Zoom. Can accommodate multiple users, depending on fee.

Speaker is a good idea. Ideas – Murphy (decision after addressed committee). Camden Council officer speaker on Kentish Town testbed plans and housing plans (mixed views on this)

Roger has sent email – about people standing for next year’s committee.

Henry stepping down as deputy chair but requests to stay on the committee.

Thanked for all his work, particularly on Murphy’s, Regis Road and Car Wash site.

Roger standing as chair for up to one year with a view to handing over to successor (Deputy Chair either mid-2021 or January 2022.

11 AoB


12 Date of AGM 21 January 2021.

Kentish Town Committee Meeting via Zoom – 16 July – 7pm

In attendance: Roger Winfield, Paul Seviour, Ian Grant, Robert Livock, Chris Hudson, Elizabeth Woodeson, Judith Leeb, Joanna Chow, Niall Monaghan, Tatiana von Preussen, Luci Noel, Alice Brown, Fabrizio Lepore

1 Apologies: Henry Herzberg, Liz Sheridan, Celia Goreham

2 Conflicts of interest – none

3 Previous minutes – were passed from 6 May

4 Discussion on potentially changing the KTNF PlanUse of Shops


Paul: If there are no material changes – don’t need to change the nature of the plan.

If substantial revisions – but don’ t change the nature – there is a consultation and examination.

Complete change – consultation, inspection and referendum

Can last 15 years from 2016

The nature of the plan: pro-development so long it is the right area; it has a significant design policy.

Use of Shops

Fabrizio SW1 – SME enterprises which can use premises and SW2 – frontages and some office space. Need creative hubs for start-ups and stripping out non-retail uses. Use in Shopping and Working policies; second frontages. Up from tube to Prince of Wales Road, South of Prince of Wales Road, Brecknock; Fortess (SW3) – need relaxation of policy which seeks to protect.

Robert – it is important to adopt a relaxed approach

Alice – what about forthcoming government changes?

Tatiana – it is better to have an occupied space. But with residential conversions – tendency to screen over the windows which is detrimental to the street view.

Luci – smaller secondary frontages – attract independent businesses that are good for Kentish Town. B class units – not being used.

Liz – suggest a change for shops to be used as alternatives; why limit it to creative industry office space.

Judith – On secondary and primary frontages – Camden owns primary frontages protections.

Alice – Area suffers from a loss of small business space. Needs a whole range – including repair and recycling shops.

Niall – think there is enough flexibility. After Covid – there will be a freeing up of office space.

5 Green and open spaces 

Centralised green and open spaces wanted by residents – can be small wins before major infrastructure. Luci stressed importance of parklets – seats and planting, showing examples.

Comment – GOP 5 spaces is a project – not a policy. Should be CIL priority to GOP policy. Youth outreach and young adults. Look at community and culture project 1 and 2.

6 Heritage Protection

Alice – Quinns; mentioned plot configurations – width, bends and twists. Historic England – useful. Good example of Lewisham – Grove Park Heritage Policies. Could follow some of the principles but Camden does not have the resources to do all that.

Roger D3 – Design principles. Can meet the heritage needs.

Plan needs to be more specific.

Luci – points to examples of Ripleys and the Castle Pub of protections working.

Chris – Can we expand the design policy in the plan?

7 General view

Need some work on the clarity on the view.

Alice commented that because of the viewing cone there is squeezed accommodation to south west of KTDA and 20 storey towers as consequence. This has a massive impact on Kentish Town. Need for a more flexible approach.

8 What’s next?

There’s an opportunity for wider engagement with Kentish Town.

Tatiana – best to wait until planning changes are announced

Liz – there’s an opportunity to lobby and look at the implications

Ian – Idea of doing a survey – on heritage and parklets and use the views if and when we lobby

Fabrizio – keep bullet points of the ideas.

9 AoB

Chris brought up the schools’ group – agreed to keep a watching brief and look at situation in Autumn.

10 Dates of remaining committee meetings in 2020: 6 August, 5 November plus

AGM 21 January 2021.


Committee Meeting – 7pm – 8.30pm, Thursday 6 May 2020 by Zoom


In attendance: Roger Winfield, Henry Herzberg, Paul Seviour, Ian Grant, Judith Leeb, Liz Sheridan, Niall Monaghan, Robert Livock, Tatiana von Preussen, Luci Noel, Fabrizio Lepore

1 Apologies:

Celia Goreham, Alice Brown, Chris Hudson

Absent: Joanna Chow, Elizabeth Woodeson

2 Conflicts of interest:


3 Minutes of last meeting (6 February 2020) and matters arising

Clarify which organisations individuals represent: In constitution need some reps of local groups. Some individuals will not be members of any local groups.

Action: Please send affiliations to Roger and Ian.

Hampstead Heath sub-committee – biodiversity. Good idea for KTNF to be involved in biodiversity committee – Heath Line and Murphys. KTNF has fears for heath over-use and reduced heath connectivity. KTNF interested in working with the sub-committee. Lots of cross over. Some divergence.

Action: Paul S to contact them.

Engaging with young people – Haven Pope:  Niall, Ian, Paul, Luci. Chris in contact with Haven – but initiative delayed via lockdown. Aim – presentation at Acland Burghley Assembly. Check status of pastoral care programme and Haven?

Action: Zoom meeting to be set up for presentation before next meeting. Luci has a connection – Madelaine Holt; Judith knows a teacher.

Action: Niall to email Chris re Haven.

Bull & Gate – open event held for residents. Cllr Meric Apek, Caroline Hill, Niall and Chris attended. KTNF is generally supportive; had feedback forms. Comments on creation and use of roof terrace – and on parapet and balustrade; important that licensing is appropriate; licence will be under review – depends on residents’ feedback over time. Youngs is seeing how the restaurant works and how it evolves over time. It is going straight to planning app. Engaged with Camden.

Action: Niall, Chris, and Fabrizio to look at planning application when it comes in for Paul to give an official response.

Under topics for the coming year – finance

People donated £165 at AGM. £250 in bank (AGM room hire £58), Running costs circa £150/year. Money is available from Camden for specific small capital projects (CIL).

Updating Neighbourhood Plan

Fabrizio – Kentish Town has changed since the plan. Useful to think about how to change the plan. Ian pointed out technical document references have changed; Paul – different ways of updating; can update references in Camden local plan and London Plan. Lot of work for total revision and lot of public consultation.

Amending statutory and local references – preliminary job; Tatiana – premature for big changes now, some changes post Covid will be long lasting and others temporary. Plan will require changing. Lucy – bring young people in research into new normal and what they want to see in a plan.

If do not make significant tweaks – do not have to go through the whole process.

Need to have a look at changes to regulations mentioned in current plan.

Everyone feeds ideas in on policies and projects in the plan and why they should be looked at. Suggest what new direction of policy should be. Feed to Paul. Main agenda item for next committee meeting.

Action: Comments to Paul by 16 Jun – all.

Action: On agenda as main item for next committee

Healthy Streets fits into the plan?

Judith – enough in our plan to let us participate; planning of traffic and streets p12 sustainable transport, bike hire scheme and step free access.

4 Chair’s report (RW):

Already distributed

5 Planning applications

Quiet in first 4 weeks; now coming through:

Church next to forum. Grade II listed stained-glass window to be removed, repaired and renovated.

Old Sorting Office on Leighton Road – extant to convert to residential – BI office space. Two buildings at rear to convert to flexible employment space. Plans fine. Leighton Road – looking at some of eaves – breaks silhouette of front building. KTNF – pitch needs to be altered. Employment space wanted by locals.

Back of York Mews – one and two storey buildings. Three storey structure at the back of Nero. Application from one to two-and-three-bedroom flats – supported by KTNF.

Building works at the old Post Office. Single space – big footprint. Rumour (no Planning Application) restaurant take over – A1 – A3.

Old Co-op Bank refurbished – set to be hairdressers.

Shop Adjacent to bookshop – fancy dress shop has begun trading.

Oddbins Building – selling furniture. Temporary basis – pop-up closed.

Annie’s – KTRA is undertaking proactive measures for people to come in. Discussing with co-op, craft, and artisan groups including Hackney Made Collective. Annie’s keen on workshop space. Commencing conversations with owner.

Old Pizza building and Cinema – Will the scheme be modified? Will the cinema go ahead?

Murphy – in consultation with Camden about Zoning.

6 AoB

Changes to High Streets and Town Centre Post-Covid webinar – key points outlined – Ian: Councils widening pedestrian and cycle paths; looking at street licencing to help pubs and restaurants; worried about gaps in High Streets being filled with Permitted Development Right buildings without planning control – want to bring in Supplementary Planning Guidance for protection; helping independent retailers with apps and pay forward schemes; looking at more meanwhile uses going forward; flexible use of buildings at different times and days; much more non-retail uses.

London Streetspace Programme – TFL to foster walking and cycling. Volume of traffic estimated to be at 20% less capacity; lot of changes to streets to allow more space for cyclists and pedestrians; creation of low traffic neighbourhoods.


7 Dates of remaining committee meetings in 2020:16 July and 5 November plus

AGM 21 January 2021.


Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum Committee – 6 February, The Vine

In attendance: Roger Winfield, Ian Grant, Celia Goreham, Lucy Noel, Paul Seviour, Chris Hudson, Niall Monahan, Judith Leeb, Henry Herzberg

1 Apologies – Elizabeth Woodeson, Liz Sheridan, Alice Brown, Fabrizio Lepore, Robert Livock, Joanna Chow, Haven Pope

2 Conflicts of interest


3 Application to join the committee

Niall Monahan – ratified by the committee

Luci Noel – proposed Ian Grant and seconded by Chris Hudson

Tatiana von Preussen– proposed by Roger Winfield, seconded by Henry Herzberg

4 Election of officers

Roger Winfield – chair, Henry Herzberg – deputy chair, Paul Seviour – treasurer, Ian Grant – secretary, Joanna Chow, officer

Proposed by Chris Hudson and seconded by Judith Leeb

In the constitution – members represent local organisations – need to check which?

Action: current members of the committee to clarify which local groups or organisations they represent (BARA, IARA etc)

5 Minutes

No matters arising

6 Chairs report

Distributed prior to meeting. No matters arising.

7 Kentish Town Development Framework

Final draft is out for KTNF to comment on. Final response from committee.

KTNF reps (Roger and Henry) invited by Murphy’s Paul Brosnahan to go around the site. Noticeable – significant change of levels – 30 feet down, 40 feet at different levels. Retention old railway buildings – 2 original sheds. Sheds to be revived – set for food and beverage activity. Not seen as a conflict with existing retail outlets. Similar to Mercato Metropolitano on Newington Causeway, and Borough Market.

Workshops showed a basic model from Studio Egret West with all surrounding buildings – residential blocks around the edge. 40,000sq m near Kentish Town with 750 houses around the edge. 40,000 sq. m of office space in centre. Proposed medical facility in middle along with sheds in the middle for foods and beverages. Cycle route around the side. Heights: tallest is 16 storeys down to 14 and 12, lowest is five storeys. The design hasn’t been to design review yet. Agreed compromise between housing and industrial use. Does the definition ‘industrial’ cover crafts businesses? Is office use – small uses?

The viewing cone is protected. Murphy’s says drawing in plan isn’t what we are really seeing – the angles are wrong. Working with spatial specialists to pinpoint what the actual view is. Murphy proposes different angle of pivot (pinnacle of the cone). Camden planning meeting proposed.

Murphy’s want planning application in by the end of the year but probably in a year’s time.

Hampstead and Heath sub-committee – email received. KTNF agrees that there should be a sub-committee for biodiversity.

Action: Paul S to respond. Response to fear of heath over-use: we are opposed to reducing connectivity.

Discussion: How roads used are for next stage? Developments are car free.  Premature for a sub-committee.

Note: The Framework document includes step free access to the Thameslink.

Building London Planning Awards KTNF invited by Camden Council – for Community Engagement in the Planning Process Award. Shortlisted.

Set for call with Camden on AA Storage building site.

Car Wash site – Camden Council recommended developer submitted for New London Architecture Awards

8 Engaging with young people.

Haven Pope head of year monthly proposing talks for 6th form.


Niall will contact Haven and head to develop the structure. Reaction from Haven. Chris heading up. Niall, Ian and Paul and Lucy working on.

9 The Bull and Gate.

Potential planning application – Youngs want to work on flat rood on ground floor bar changing to a roof terrace like the Grafton. Used to have a parapet. Want to put in infrastructure. Parts of the building are listed. Not roof.

Action: Niall looking at plan. Want to meet Youngs representative. Paul, Niall and Chris looking at.

10 Planning Enforcement consultation.

Issue – getting attention of enforcement officers. Portal is difficult to navigate. No feedback comes back. Hard to know who you are contacting. Plans to be more user friendly with more information. Deadline – 19 February.


Celia and Paul drafting response.

11 Topics for the coming year?

Concentrate on what achieve with your resources; work within resources – don’t take on too much; remember we are volunteers; planning is paramount; look at how much achieved already – promote and celebrate.

Finances – £165 received as donations at AGM; James Wigg Practice, Sun Room charge – £58


Ian to ask Jenny Headlam-Wells and Georgia Gould re Kentish Town’s funding re Council pots and conditions attached to grants..

12 AGM 2020 – issues arising

Neighbourhood Plan developed in 2014 – does it need updating?


To be discussed at next meeting.

13 Any other Business

Camden Gardens, Camden Town Unlimited – proposed plans for the park including new planters, seating and wayfinding to support Highline.

KTNF involved in Healthy Streets Project – discussion: we are guardians of the plan – is it planning?


Judith to send Roger a brief of where it fits in the plan.

Note Community lead housing event: http://www.camdencommunitymakers.org – 29 February

14 Dates of committee meetings in 2020:

7 May, 16 July and 5 November. AGM is 21 January 2021.


Committee Meeting – 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 7th November 2019 at: The Vine, 86, Highgate Road, NW5 1PB

Present: Roger Winfield, Henry Herzberg, Paul Seviour, Ian Grant, Chris Hudson,
Fabrizio Lepore, Celia Goreham, Judith Leeb, Liz Woodeson, Robert Livock, Joanna
In Attendance: Alice Brown (advisor)
Guests: Vicky Young, Haven Pope
Absent: Liz Sheridan

1 Apologies – none

2 Conflicts of interest – none

3 Minutes of last meeting (18 July) and matters arising
A canopy planter has been moved for Christmas Tree – now opposite entrance to
Kentish Town Station. Camden Council seeking solution to canopy space.
Permanent tree mooted?
Action: Inviting NW5 pickers – litter removal group to get involved for items missed
by idverde. IG (Also there is an app for rubbish and litter removal in Camden).
Camden Council is consulting on changing the Community Infrastructure Levy rates:
New draft charging schedule:
Residential below 10 dwellings (or 1,000 sq m) £613
Residential of 10 or more dwellings (or above 1,000 sq m) and private care
residential homes with a degree of self-containment – Three bands – Central £184
Rest of Camden £306 Hampstead and Highgate £613
Retail is £30 across all bands
Offices are £110 for central and £30 for the rest
Committee discussed CIL charging is a deterrent to development, as conversations
with development representatives have indicated. There is also a large amount of
CIL money unspent. Committee agreed to respond to the consultation. Robert,
Henry and Judith have formed a CIL committee, with help from Fabrizio.
Action: Work up and send CIL consultation response to Camden Council – HH,
Car Wash site – planning permission received; working out Section 106 Agreement
and Network Rail costs.
Pizza Express Building – Work progressing; steel frame erected in September; new
ground floor slab and cinema pit – complete; demolition of the mezzanine slab –
50% done; cast 1 st  and 2 nd  floor deck set to be completed by Christmas.

Activity happening on Carpetright site.

4 Chair’s report (RW)
Including away day and planning; meetings with Car Wash and Murphy’s Yard site

5 Murphy’s update (HH)
188 people went to July workshops; top issues of concern – height of buildings and
traffic. Key wants: green space, new access routes, sustainability and housing.
750 homes planned; 40,000sq m of industrial use and 40,000sq m office use;
workspace planned for south with residential at north; heights ranging from 5 -18
storeys; aiming at 35% affordable housing; restriction on delivery vehicles; potential
battle ahead with GLA on industrial use v residential; planning low energy
consumption with district heating;
Constraints discussed include; 9m change of level; listed sheds; viewing corridors
from Kentish Town to the Heath; ecological reserve; sewer and gas pipes and rail
Recent November workshop covered: Placemaking Principles, The Evolving Layout
and Massing Evolution, the Heathline – cycle and pedestrian route through the site,
Open Spaces and Placemaking, Industrial Land Use, Community and Leisure needs.
Plans are afoot for a food market and maker spaces. Green areas include: Pergola
Garden, Heathcliff, Murphy’s Meadow and Gospel Oak Gate.

6 Neighbourhood Makers Group (CH)
Initiative from Camden to bring organisations together – connectivity and social
inclusion are watchwords; attended by Jenny Headlam Wells and Georgia Gould,
reps from Camden departments and other community groups; proposals to increase
exhibition space for the Library and plans for the development of a multi-use theatre
at Acland Burghley. Possibility of using Highgate Centre for some alternative
community uses. Working with schools is a project under the KT Plan. KTNF is
represented on the group.

7 Awayday report and matters arising (PS)
Outputs include: concentrate on being Guardians of the Plan and projects in the
plan; if projects outside the plan – look at resources available; look to update the
plan in 2-3 years? involve the membership more (see AoB); committee meetings to
focus on decisions; celebrate achievements to date.

8 Communications – the membership, young people (introducing Haven Pope)
Haven Pope from Le Swap gave a young person’s perspective; in terms of contact
communication – direct email if fine; stressed importance of Snapchat and Instagram
among this demographic. Haven also opened the possibility of someone from the KT
Forum to speak to Le Swap at Acland Burghley on the plan and issues in Kentish
Action: Paul to work on setting up an Instagram Business account for KTNF

9 New committee members
Local resident Vicky Young – invited to the committee meeting; meeting before
Christmas with two more residents who want to be more involved with the forum.
Derek Jarman is standing down; Fabrizio Lepore is moving out of the area (but can
advise on issues). Henry Herzberg is remaining on the committee next year retaining
the title of deputy chair during the critical phase of the Murphy and Regis Road
developments. Joanna has accepted an invitation to join Roger, Henry, Paul and Ian
on the executive group. All other existing members present want to remain on the
Action: Ian and Roger to set up meetings with prospective committee
members prior to the AGM

10 Planning applications various (PS)
Raglan House – sold off; planning application in for six town houses. Expectation
that consent will be given.
Regis Road Estate – Planning application in for the JML Building. Change of use
class from B1 Offices to B8. No objection.

11 AGM – venue for 23 January
Various options discussed but The Oxford function room, found by Joanna and
visited by Roger and Joanna looks the most likely. Developer VABEL has been
approached to talk on progress with the Pizza Express Building.
Action: Roger to confirm venue and speaker for AGM

12 AoB
A survey to be conducted on the local business community in Kentish Town. What
are their issues? Can the KTNF help? Conscious of not wanting to stray into KTRA
territory; Will consider KTRA position further when Joanna reports back.
Action: Joanna with the help of Alice to undertake survey and report back
progress at February meeting
Higher priority should be given to step free access – Kentish Town station (CG). TFL
could go with a 50/50 funding solution in future.
In order to involve members more – experiment with voting software.
Action: Ian, with help from Paul to source software and trial it.

13 Dates of next committee meetings 2020: 23 Jan (AGM), 6 Feb, 7 May, 16 July, 5



JULY 18, 2019 The Vine, 86 Highgate Road, NW5 1PB

Present: Roger Winfield, Henry Herzberg, Paul Seviour, Ian Grant, Chris Hudson, Fabrizio Lepore, Liz Sheridan
In Attendance: Alice Brown (advisor)

1 Apologies:
Judith Leeb, Liz Woodeson, Robert Livock, Joanna Chow, Derek Jarman
Absent Celia Goreham

2 Conflicts of interest:
None reported

3 Minutes of last meeting (9 May) and matters arising:

Planter Feet (IG)
Concerns about feet on High Street planters: Camden reply: “The adjustable feet on the
planters are supplied by the manufacturer, to date we haven’t received any other concerns about them being unstable.  If there are specific incidents which have led any of the committee to feel they are unstable it would be useful to know.”

Litter / Plants (IG)
KTNF wrote to Camden Green Space regarding litter removal and additional watering of the High Street planters in the summer. The reply: “I have cc’d in my colleague Jevaughn who has increased monitoring of the planters recently to ensure they are being well watered, cleared of litter and general maintenance is as expected.  To confirm Veolia don’t maintain these, it’s our grounds maintenance Idverde.”

CIL Enquiry (IG)
Local CIL funds 30 April 2019 – Kentish Town: Collected £192,263; spent £4046; allocated

Camden total to 30 April 2019: £6,696,724; Spent £1,183,656; Allocated £506,216

Local CIL priorities for Kentish Town ward – May 2019
Kentish Town Children, families and young people – NW5 Project
Kentish Town Air quality, open and green space – cycle hangar on Leighton Road
Community facilities – Kentish Town Christmas Lights
Kentish Town Supporting local employment – Kentish Town Community Centre
Kentish Town Children, families and young people – Kentish Town Primary School
Kentish Town Children, families and young people – Acland Burghley School

4 Chair’s report (RW)
May 20th Meeting Paul Seviour for report on his meeting with Judith Leeb on her proposed planning application; 21 st Aces and Eights ACV visit
June 4th Second Aces and Eights visit. 5th Neighbourhood Planners.London meeting;
12th Unicorn ACV visit. 21 st KTNF agenda for transport meeting on 18 th July 26 th Meeting with Benedicta Asamoah-Russell, Principal Policy and Projects Officer, Corporate Services, Camden, who wanted to know about projects KTNF working on. Various – Agreeing awayday date
July 15th Obtaining update on Car Wash site planning application from developer; 15th
Meeting with Henry Herzberg and Paul Seviour at Murphy’s for briefing ahead of their first public consultation on their development proposals for Murphy’s Yard.

5 Murphy’s and Regis Road update (HH)
Exhibition of plans for development of Murphy lands – week of 15-20 July;
some difficult utility obstructions, including rail and water; access to Hampstead Heath
important; aiming for 2020 approval for the plans; tension between GLA London Plan
favouring employment and light industrial use and local plans favouring housing; discussed link to Kentish Town Square; involves Car Wash site; huge upfront cost to developer prior to Car Wash site going forward – but going forward to planning;
Henry Herzberg announced he is resigning as deputy chair in January – but staying on the committee for 2020-2021. Henry was thanked for his work to date and the depth of
knowledge and experience he brings to the committee.

6 Awayday and planning (RW)
The away day is Saturday 12 October: General discussion; review 3 years of plan; where we are and way forward. Working group – 5.30pm on Tuesday 30 th  July – logistics of the meeting – location; facilitator? facilities; inviting local experts?

7 2 Prince of Wales Road (RW)
Update – next meeting

8 Pubs as Assets of Community Value – progress report (RW)
Pubs in question being revisited by working group for additional information relating to
community value; forms distributed and relevant conversations with owners taking place.

9 Future of High Street – update (IG)
Future High Streets Fund: 50 projects going forward in the country from hundreds of
applications. Three sites in London will be going forward to the next round; Tottenham High Road, Old Kent Road in Southwark and Sutton High Street. Camden representative says the Kentish Town High Street bid put forward a progressive narrative and Camden Council wants to look again and see what we can take forward in other ways. Camden in liaison with Cllr: Beales on this.

Follow ups from KTRA/TKT meeting in January

Night-time deliveries – many shops – illegally timed deliveries; KTRA writing to Camden.
Street party and festive lights – proposed date 30 November (but planning permission
needed; not certain).

Extend business hours once a month to provide enterprise for youth – Camden will
pay an umbrella organisation to provide all the logistics, checks and cover for year 10
students. Need to find the businesses who are interested and capable of taking in a young person for two weeks placements.

Piano and plinth – three meetings since January including walkabout; meeting with KT
station in September.

10 Planning applications various (PS)

Old Pizza Express building: building works started and ongoing; new developer Valmar (?); planning permission for 12 flats and ground floor cinema; no additional information on cinema.

Raglan House, Raglan Street – developers investigating building 6 town houses.
Fountain under the canopy installed – part of Mayor of London’s Freshwater Fountains

Old HSBC building – turning into Dessert Emporium (including various ice creams).

Naturally is closed.

Fortess Road proposal – KTNF supports in principle, but facades should be in keeping with surrounding buildings.

11 Fundraising

To be discussed at KTNF away day (and working group, also see AoB).

12 AoB

Area Conservation Committee West Kentish Town, mooted (AB).

KTNF supports Harvey Flinder’s initiative to reduce pollarding of trees in Camden (which will provide leaf and branch cover for protection from heat and evaporative cooling in the summer and carbon dioxide absorption).

Date of KTNF AGM 2020 – 23 January; looking into holding it at the Greenwood Centre.

Discussion on funding – ideas include Lottery Fund and CIL money (PS).

Sky Arts want to make a film about constructing a dome and Fabrizio is involved, and
looking for potential spaces in Kentish Town (FL).

12 Dates of next meetings:

7 November and 23 January (AGM)



Committee Meeting – 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 9 May 2019 at: The Vine, 86 Highgate Road, NW5 1PB

Present: Roger Winfield (chair), Henry Herzberg (deputy chair), Paul Seviour (treasurer), Ian Grant (secretary), Celia Goreham, Chris Hudson, Robert Livock

In attendance: Alice Brown (advisor)


1 Apologies

Liz Sheridan, Elizabeth Woodeson, Fabrizio Lepore, Joanna Chow, Derek Jarman and Judith Leeb.

2 Conflicts of interest:

 None disclosed.

3 Minutes of last meeting (7 February) and matters arising:

Nothing raised; minutes approved.

4 Chair’s report (RW)

February: Met Brian O’Donnell, Strategic Lead Planning Policy at Camden Council, with Ian Grant to discuss the problems managing consultations;

Met Deborah Bush, Community Sport and Physical Activity Manager at Camden Council, with Ian Grant, Jacob Willson, Principal Planner Supporting Communities involved with the Kentish Town planning framework to discuss KTNF’s recommendation that the development area in the planning framework contain a dedicated indoor sports centre with facilities for sports not covered elsewhere in Kentish Town such as cricket;

Met Celeste Giusti, Principal Strategic Planner, London Plan Team, Development, Enterprise & Environment at the GLA with Henry Herzberg to press KTNF’s case for a meeting with the Deputy Mayor to explain our policy for Regis Road and Murphy’s.

March:  Dealing with Car Wash site planning application. Consulting with committee, analysing responses, writing and submitting KTNF’s comments;

Met Simon Pitkeathley of Camden Town Unlimited with Paul Seviour, Judith Leeb and Alice Brown to learn about Business Improvement Districts and imaginative use of vacant buildings;

Attended 2nd meeting organised by KTRA and Transition Kentish Town to discuss the future of the high street. Also present from KTNF, Ian Grant, Paul Seviour, Joanna Chow, Liz Woodeson and Judith Leeb;

Pubs as ACVs working group. Agreeing necessary actions following advice and requirements of Camden.

April: Addressed Planning Committee of London Assembly about Kentish Town Neighbourhood Plan, involving two prior conversations with Nicky Gavron (chair) and preparing address;

Work on KTNF’s comments on Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum’s proposed Plan;

Met Darren Reiss of Regis Road at his request with Henry Herzberg for update on Framework from a landowner’s perspective;

Update from developer of Pizza Express building after chasing by phone and email. Delay because Camden’s case officer left but now proceeding with finalising s106 agreement and hope to be on site this month. Didn’t respond to my question about the cinema.

May: Met Jacob Willson with Henry Herzberg for update on Planning Framework

Finalising and submitting comments on DPNF proposed Plan.

5 Kentish Town draft development framework update (HH)

Stage 2 of the Development Framework consultation was presented in March. Camden says the final version will be published by the end of the year. There will be one light touch final consultation prior to this. The final document is set to be shorter than the present draft. Comment that the final version doesn’t need to be too prescriptive and developers need some leeway.

Consultation responses – sympathetic to plans. KTNF comments on first draft largely adopted. Summary –  foster knowledge and creative areas; training on site; people object to high buildings – 10 storeys maximum (6, 8 or 10 range of buildings); Camden currently concentrating on transport infrastructure and deliverability; important to have decent links in and out of the site; Camden has CPO powers and can use them;

Met with Darren Reiss a building freeholder on the Regis Road site who expressed frustration at being unable to do anything until the Framework Plan for the Development Area is finished.

Stories that a couple of companies are moving out. But UPS looks like it is staying after buying the freehold.

Responded to Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan – some areas of conflict

6 Car Wash site update (RW)

Committee considered the proposals – strong views; major focus on the design and height; currently developer and town planner consulting with affordable housing consultant and need an archaeological report. No plans to reduce current height. Developers report they spent substantial sum to date; hoping to go to committee in June. Pavement widened, but not notified by Camden.

7 Update on planters on Kentish Town Road and CIL (IG)

The planters are being watered regularly. But concerns over rubbish collection. Camden Council invited (KTNF and community groups) to plant hyacinths late summer.

Action: Contact Camden over unstable feet in some of the planters and rubbish collection IG

Action: Write to Danny Beales asking how CIL money has been spent over the financial year and how much CIL money is available this financial year IG

8 Pubs as Assets of Community Value – progress report (RW)

Camden need more information from customers, regulars, how many events and their frequency. Questionnaires for the 15 pubs have been printed and the sub-committee is organising to go back to the pubs in question and talk to managers and set in train the questions being answered.

Point raised in this discussion whether the council can clean-up shop frontages (scrub or paint – and whether CIL money can be made available. Examples of other High Streets being transformed, for example Archway – where Islington Council bore half the cost.

Action: Ask Danny Beales whether CIL money can be used to clean-up the High Street IG

9 The High Street and Future of High Street (IG)

Initiatives from Future of the High Street meetings. People are working on the following:

Future High Street Plastic-Free Shops; Library of Things & Ideas; Multi-Generational Integration.

TRANSPORT & PARKING Short-stay parking on Regis Rd; Night–time deliveries, and Co-ordination of deliveries; No cars with only one passenger.

BUSINESS / LANDLORD CONTRIBUTION Annual Street Party and Festive Lights; Kentish Town Business Alliance; Pop-up shops in empty premises.


KT App for young people; Pop-up Board Game Shop; Plan business hours once a month to provide enterprise for youth.

STREET LANDSCAPE Green Wall; Notice Board; Plaques; Clutter, Database of advertisement licensing.

STREET FUN Kentish Town Plinth; Piano and Exercise bars.

High Street Fund

Application for national High Street Fund; KTNF (Ian Grant, Joanna Chow and Judith Leeb) linked with KTRA to work with Camden Council on applying for a National High Street Fund – which allocates substantial funds to upgrade High Streets. Sought approval from other Kentish Town groups and residents’ associations.

Concepts include viability, inclusion and movement. Goals to drive footfall and creating new enterprises that increase community wealth, employment and new market demand for commercial space. Specifics include funding improved pedestrian and cycle permeability; improving identity; smart infrastructure improvements; engagement of stakeholders, enabling modal shift and improving air quality. Application has been submitted. Wait to see if successful to go to second stage.

10 Planning applications various (PS)

Fortess Road (next to Tally Ho site) – planning application for three delipidated buildings; retail on ground floor, residential above; heights similar to adjoining buildings; KTNF in favour of developing buildings – but have concerns about the designs.

Discussion on whether KTNF should adopt non-residential development on ground floor of secondary shopping areas; another proposal for a house next to take away fish restaurant; is Article 4 direction needed?

Pizza Express – Camden officer responsible has left; slight amendment; on-site this month; finalising Section 106 agreement; no update on cinema – but in still planning condition.

No updates on Spring Place or Carpetright

Camden Gardens – Simon Pithkenly of Camden Unlimited has received £25,000 to develop land at Camden Gardens, as part of Highline. Art competition set up with architects. Outside the KTNF area; KTNF do not want to participate in judging panel as committee believes it has a sufficient work load..

Committee agree to a brainstorming away day to discuss operations and future. General agreement Saturday would be best day. RW

11 AoB

12 Dates of next meetings:18 July and 7 November


Committee Meeting – 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 7 February 2019 at: The Vine, 86, Highgate Road, NW5 1PB

Present: Roger Winfield, Henry Herzberg (Skype), Paul Seviour, Ian Grant, Chris Hudson, Robert Livock, Derek Jarman, Judith Leeb, Joanna Chow.

In attendance: Alice Brown

1 Apologies:

Liz Sheridan, Liz Woodeson

Absent: Celia Goreham, Fabrizio Lepore.

 2 Conflicts of interest:

A reminder to be circumspect with KTNF business given that some committee members, by default, are also members of other local and community organisations.

 3 Welcome to new committee members:

Liz Woodeson and Judith Leeb.

4 Election of officers:

Roger Winfield (chair), Henry Herzberg (deputy chair), Paul Seviour (treasurer) and Ian Grant (secretary) are willing to serve again. Any other candidates asked notify KTNF secretary with the position standing for. No notifications received. Robert proposed the four candidates standing; Chris seconded.

5 Minutes of last meeting (8 November) and matters arising:

Minutes passed.

6 Chair’s report (RW)

Attended Draft KTDA Framework Exhibition in Library.

Attended Future of High Street meeting (see below).

Car Wash site – KTNF has had several meetings with developers; have listened to KTNF suggestions; plans for site exhibited in Library (see below).

AGM – Packed meeting on 24th January at Kentish Town Library.

ACV meeting with Camden; forms for 16 pubs submitted. More work needed (see below).

7 Kentish Town development framework consultation (HH)

Working Group convened to prepare KTNF response (Paul, Ian, Chris, Liz, Alice, Roger); included plan for dedicated sports hall for the site along with suggested word changes. KTNF’s comments on the revised plans in the draft have been submitted (see previous minutes). Following meeting with Middlesex CC about promoting cricket; meeting arranged with Camden Council head of Sport.

ACTION: Send KTRA’s KTDA response to new committee members: Liz W and Judith (RW)

ACTION: Meet with Camden’s Head of Sport to discuss plans in February (RW)

8 Update on planters on Kentish Town Road and CIL (IG)

Fifteen larger Nomad planters were installed last week in January. Smaller Bikelock planters installed the week before. Camden says snagging work still to do, feet adjustment etc;

9 Pubs as Assets of Community Value – progress report (RW)

Application forms for 16 pubs In KTNF area have been submitted to Camden. Camden Council is advising on what more information is required, including more evidence of community benefit.

ACTION: Further liaison with Camden (RW, CH, PS)

10 Car Wash site (RW/HH)

The Design Review Panel response to the proposals has been positive; a win for KTNF. Exhibition of the plans presented at Kentish Town Library.

11 Planning applications (PS)

Spring Place – application went in early last year. KTNF submitted response. A new application has gone in – different to the previous one.

ACTION: KTNF to comment on (PS)

Old HSBC Bank site – application for change of use from A2 Finance to A1 shop to ice cream parlour sundaes and crepes etc.). KTNF has no objection. A1 use promoted in Plan.

Consultation on Estate Agent’s boards: known as a Regulation 7 Direction; powers to regulate estate agents boards are limited to certain Conservation Areas; option 1: to extend the Direction so Camden can regulate estate agents boards across the whole borough; option 2: extend the Direction so Camden can regulate estate agents boards to all conservation areas and all town centres; option 3: renew the Directions in the following areas – Belsize Park, Redington & Frognal, Fitzjohns & Netherhall conservation areas. These are non-permanent Directions which Camden can apply to renew.

Consultation: https://consultations.wearecamden.org/culture-environment/control-of-estate-agents-boards/ closing date for comments and photographs is Tuesday 26 February.

12 The High Street (IG)

Café style event on 16 January, organised by Transition Kentish Town and KTRA attended by KTNF committee members. Nearly 200 hundred ideas to improve Kentish Town High Street captured. Areas included: Vision for Kentish Town in 5 Years; Vision in 20 Years; Transport and Parking; Contribution of Businesses; Opportunities for Youth; Hub for skills sharing; Street Landscape improvements. Ideas whittled down to around 20 to form the basis for practical action going forward. Another workshop event being planned for March about how the ideas can be put into practice, date to be confirmed.

ACTION: Roger and Ian to meet Patrick Jones, Business Growth Manager, Regeneration and Planning to discuss application to government’s High Street Fund. Caroline Hill of KTRA also attending (RW, IG)


13 AGM 2019 – issues arising including fundraising and consultations:

Responded to email arising about affordable housing (RW); KTNF responding to consultation on Camden’s changes to Supplementary Planning Guidance; meeting with Brian O’Donnell seeking advice on KTNF’s responses to consultations generally, and expectations.

ACTION: Meeting with Brian O’Donnell on planning matters and consultations (RW, IG)

14 AoB:

Consultation on internal boundary changes in Camden; Gospel Oak Railway line and Lady Somerset Road marks new KT ward boundary. Murphy site falls in new Highgate ward.

http://www.lgbce.org.uk/all-reviews/greater-london/greater-london/camden (open until 4 March)


Maiden Lane development – some apartments opened up to short let rentals; Hawley Wharf – some apartments (Camden Living) 85% market rents to young doctors and teachers; also space given to start-up businesses.

KTNF responding to Camden’s Draft Clean Air Action Plan

ACTION: Send KTNF response to Camden (IG) DONE

Consultation leaflet to some properties in Kentish Town which come under the new proposed Heathrow flight path, with different options

Chris to help Ian with pictures for the next KTNF newsletter

15 Dates of committee meetings in 2019: 9 May, 18 July and 7 November

Committee Meeting – 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 8 November 2018 at The Vine, 86 Highgate Road, NW5 1PB

Present: Roger Winfield (chair), Paul Seviour (treasurer), Ian Grant (secretary), Fabrizio Lepore, Liz Sheridan, Chris Hudson, Robert Livock, Celia Goreham, Henry Herzberg (deputy chair),

In attendance: Alice Brown

Apologies: Virginia Beardshaw, Derek Jarman, David Jockelson

Guest: Adam Richards – Camden Town Unlimited (Camden Business Improvement District)

2 Conflicts of interest

Roger stressed that members of the committee are also (by definition) members of other community groups in Kentish Town and urged circumspection in relation to KTNF business

3 Highline: progress report from Adam Richards of Camden Town Unlimited who manage the proposed Camden Highline.

Over £60,000 achieved through initial donations and contributions; Engineers report done; Highline feasible; 25 year lease from Network Rail under negotiation; potential to open up N. London tourist destinations in wider walking route; suits Camden’s growth and well-being agenda; suits TFL plans including new entrances for Camden stations; looking for a mix of grants and contributions to get to planning stage; looking at revenue models post construction; shortest time-frame is 18 months – 2 years for planning; 18 months first phase construction.

ACTION: Adam requested that members sign up to the newsletter and or donate: https://www.camdenhighline.com/

4 Minutes of last meeting (19 July) and matters arising:

Discover location of Camden’s last mile park for delivery lorries and promote to wider list IG – Lorry park where larger distribution vehicles can decant goods to smaller vehicles is in Pakenham Street, London WC1. Camden also told us it is piloting delivery by Cargo bikes, and a newspaper scheme in Kings Cross is proving successful.

Write to TFL asking to extend rent bike scheme to Kentish Town Road RW. Letter received from TFL showing encouragement for a scheme, providing there is some joint capital funding.

ACTION: KTNF to apply for CIL funding for a Santander Docking Station along with more bicycle hoops along Kentish Town Road. DONE

5 Chair’s report (RW)


6 Kentish Town development framework consultation (HH)

Camden released draft consultation for public engagement at the end of October – and runs until 7 December: (https://www.camden.gov.uk/ccm/content/environment/planning-and-built-environment/two/planning-policy/supplementary-planning-documents/planning-frameworks-and-briefs/kentish-town-growth-and-industrial-area-planning-framework.en). KTNF reps have been attending meetings with Camden Council planners and Dartmouth Park NF reps to develop the draft framework. Last one attended by Roger, Henry, Chris and Ian. Roger and Henry met CNJ journalist Dan Carrier to discuss KTNF’s hopes for the framework – article published. (http://camdennewjournal.com/article/kentish-town-regeneration-what-should-be-built-on-biggest-opportunity-site-in-camden?sp=1&sq=Kentish%2520Town%2520Planning%2520Framework)

ACTION: KTNF has organised a committee working party to put in a co-ordinated response to the consultation at The Vine, 24 October 10am.

7 Planters on Kentish Town Road and CIL (IG)

Proposal for planters along Kentish Town Road from KTNF and other community groups (along with 38 emails, comments of support – and three objections) approved unanimously by six councillors on 17 September. Funds coming from Kentish Town CIL (not the KTNF allocation). Fifteen Nomad planters and six bike lock planters (some replacing existing bike planters). Majority on the station entrance side due to pavement widths. Maintenance agreement is part of contract, along with a Camden Council grounds operative to check maintenance is OK. Opinion on colours canvassed – dark blue majority. Ian thanked for work on this.

8 Ingestre planning application (AB)

Architects and design team listened to consultation ideas and reduced the height of the original building, but the result is block-like and a building too big for the site. KTNF responses are to D3A/B/C. Although KTNF in support of policy proving homes for older people, the new design doesn’t meet principles in the KTNF plan. The designers haven’t addressed KTNF concerns – and the conclusion is that KTNF objects to the planning application.

ACTION: Objection to planning application to be submitted AB/RW

9 Pubs as ACVs (PS)

More pubs have been added to the list including Aces & Eights and Rose & Crown, bringing total to 16. ACV application forms are being filled in for each pub indicating, historical, cultural and architectural value. Working party (Roger, Paul, Derek, Chris, Joanna (KTNF), Caroline Hill and Lindsey Purchall (KTRA)) researching all the pubs involved and forms are being submitted.

ACTION: Forms to be submitted to Camden Council

10 Car Wash site (RW)

KTNF successful in persuading Camden planners to consider the Car Wash site separately from Regis Road development (KTPDA). Plans are for 14 flats above the ground floor which is set to be a restaurant as envisaged in the policy for the site in the Neighbourhood Plan. Developer has followed the plans for Car Wash site as outlined in KT plan. Concern was raised by one member about future of employees at Car Wash site.

11 Updates on 3-6 Spring Place (AB) and Carpetright and Pizza Express (VB)

Paul’s email on Carpetright and Pizza Express with update had been circulated to committee earlier. Spring Place update deferred

ACTION: Prepare updates for AGM

12 Planning policy and the future of high street(s) (IG)

Attended a conference on Future of the High Street. Speaker consensus (Trowers & Hamlin, Colliers, Stiff + Trevelyan) that in 5-10 years space needed for current High Street retail outlets would be 50% of what it is now and that the High Street has to change or die. One suggestion – retail should gather around transport hubs (ie tube and rail stations). Speakers suggested opening up the High Street to services, community services more open space and entertainment and limiting or stopping traffic. The community should be the ones to come up with answers. Agreement that business rates and appeals system needed changing, also use-class reform, and change of hours in leases to suit changing local population during the day and evening – lobbying occurring in all these areas.

13 Committee membership (RW)

Letter in Camden New Journal seeking members from businesses (RW) (http://camdennewjournal.com/article/how-businesses-can-play-an-active-part-in-the-community?sp=1&sq=Kentish%2520Town%2520Neighbourhood%2520Forum)

Virginia Beardshaw is standing down from the committee

Fabrizio is moving to Archway – but asked to continue as an advisor/observer

ACTION: Roger is contacting David Jockelson re future involvement

14 AGM date

The date is 24 January at Kentish Town Library 7-8.30PM

15 AOB

KTNF is seeking representation with Mayors Office (GLA) to discuss Kentish Town Potential Development Area; Henry and Roger met with local MP Keir Starmer, who is resident in the forum area to acquaint him with KTNF’s proposals for the KTPDA and show him the architects’ drawings KTNF has had prepared.

Camden Civic Society expressed concerns over HS2 and Euston development (Robert)

Transport Consultation – Liz is writing response on behalf of KTNF (to be circulated prior to submission) (https://consultations.wearecamden.org/supporting-communities/camden-transport-strategy/consult_view/)

ACTION: Liz to circulate committee the draft response

KTNF (IG) attended Save Camden Trees meeting set up by BARA resident Harvey Flinder. Meeting called by HF, attended by two ward councillors and around 30 others. Report produced on FoI requests, Camden Open Data and other contributions. Camden’s policy is twice yearly pollarding of trees based on a policy of defendable claims v subsidence. Contention is this policy denudes streets of tree cover and the benefits of air quality, shade, habitat etc; and kills some trees. Comparison with three neighbouring boroughs demonstrates the extent of stripping and topping is unnecessary – Camden has same low rate of tree related subsidence as its neighbours who do not routinely pollard their mature trees. Call has been made on Council to amend its current Tree Policy.

KTNF (IG) attended an NLA round-table on Neighbourhood Forums in London 5 years on. Reps from several NFs discussed issues. Trend for NFs to become parish councils due to easier administration and access to funding. Being written up in New London Quarterly.



Committee Meeting – 7pm – 9pm, Thursday 19 July 2018 at The Vine, 86 Highgate Road, NW5 1PB

Present: Roger, Paul, Ian, Chris, Robert, Fabrizio


 1 Apologies: Celia, Joanna, Derek, Virginia, Henry, Alice, Liz

Absent: David

2 Conflicts of interest:

Roger asked committee members who are involved in other Kentish Town groups to state if they see those groups duplicating projects of KTNF.

3 Minutes of last meeting (10 May) and matters arising:

  • Roger to send Gus of Kentish Town City Farm – map in the plan RW
  • Air pollution: KTNF to stress anti-air pollution measures in new buildings in planning application responses such as electric car points, energy efficiency, renewables and low NOx boilers All
  • Environment and environmental protection to be stressed in our responses to the Kentish Town Planning Framework All
  • Look into promoting the closure of Kentish Town Road on specific day/days (Sunday(s) PS
  • Discover location of Camden’s last mile park for delivery lorries and promote to wider list IG
  • Write to TFL asking to extend rent bike scheme to Kentish Town Road RW

 4 Welcome Joanna Chow as new committee member

 5 Update on Regis Road/Framework (RW)

Three meetings and walkabout so far; Camden Council presented its compilation of the workshops to date; Still fair amount to be completed including data on housing need, new schools and health facilities. Major changes: the relocation of industrial/employment space next to the rail line largely due to traffic/transport issues; the Veolia waste site is out of play; the edges of the development areas – not covered.

KTNF to compile a list of points arising from workshop to send to Camden and request to see Camden’s plan in greater detail RW

6 Greening Kentish Town Road and CIL (IG)

KTNF invited to and ultimately led a walkabout looking at potential location of greenery with three councillors, and five people from three Camden Council departments from the proposals presented. Green Space explained no trees to be planted due to underground services; but general agreement on planters and bike planters. More planned for the Old Post Office side (3:1) due to width of pavements. Proposal is being discussed among councillors and Camden officers. Canteloes ward councillor wants to part-fund the scheme. KTNF is minded to part-fund through CIL and waiting for costings prior to progressing an application.

7 Ingestre (AB)

KTNF advised that it shouldn’t accept the current plan and should wait for a planning application to be submitted.

8 Pubs as ACVs (CH)

Working group formed, met 11 July; Paul, Chris, Roger (KTNF), Caroline Hill (KTRA), Caz Stuart (local resident), Lindsey Purchall (KTRA). Absent-, Derek (KTNF). Context – Implementation of policy in Neighbourhood Plan. Andrew Triggs, principal planning officer at Camden Council in charge of ACV applications, confirmed KTNF is an eligible group to apply for ACVs. Actual pub visits and desk research planned. Next meeting 8 August.

An email to be sent to members requesting evidence of local pubs social and community value (IG).

9 Car Wash site (RW)

Camden Council willing to accept a planning application for the car wash site; accepted that it is not linked to the re-development of the Regis Road site and will not affect green access ways.

10 Updates on 3-6 Spring Place (AB) and Carpetright and Pizza Express (VB)

Brockton Capital is seeking changes to the consented scheme at Spring Place. Change in elevational treatment and the loss the link between Grafton Road and Spring Place are the most significant issues; Paul to liaise with Alice to submit KTNF’s comments. Virginia not present to report.

11 Comms (IG)

Website up to date. Ian thanked for his work on this.

12 Raising KTNF profile and fundraising

Current activities – Pubs as ACVs and Greening Kentish Town Road are raising KTNF profile. Roger also wrote to CNJ about step free access at KT station.

13 AOB

The Vine has been very accommodating to KTNF. Roger encouraged members to reciprocate by buying drinks.RW

14 Date of next meeting 2018 8 November. The Vine.

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